restart/boot problems

  User-5AC27907-C53B-4F3B-AE06D6AFCC37975E 12:22 07 Feb 2004

hi there
i recently installed a new processor in my copmuter (xp2800 t/bred from xp2200) and ever since i did my computer will not reboot from windows, bios, after disk check, from anywhere!
it will do a hard reboot so i figure none of the motherboard leads are in the wrong place, and i triple checked them anyway. when i try to do a soft restart, all the lights do their thing (cd drive, hdd light) but then it seems to get stuck at the point where it would restart. i also added a stick of ram but have since removed it because it was faulty.
i know it's not a huge issue but it is quite annoying.
also, since the new processor has been in, it is taking an extra few seconds to go to the boot screen after being turned on.
any advice would be appreciated

  AndySD 12:36 07 Feb 2004

The 2200 runs with a bus speed of 266 and the 2800 at 333. Can we assume you are using pc3200 ram and have the bus set to 333. Also have you checked the Motherboard web site to see if there is a bios update dealing with the xp2800 chip?

hi there
i am using pc 2700, 333mhz ram and switched the jumper on my motherboard to run at 333, as opposed to the previous 266. the motherboard website does offer bios updates for the 2800 but the only processor updates there are is for the newer barton core processors. my motherboard is a gigabyte ga-7vax by the way
thanks a lot for helping

  AndySD 13:51 07 Feb 2004

Try reinstalling the Motherboard drivers

VIA Hyperion 4in1 drivers click here

hi andy
i probably should have said that since upgrading i have reformated my hard drive and started all over again with all the drivers and software etc. i had a virus that made my hard drive incredibly slow and norton couldn't remove it so i thought the best bet was to start again. thanks for the ideas though :)

  AndySD 14:23 07 Feb 2004

It may still be a driver problem....make sure they are up to date and if the sound card is creative reinstall the creative drivers.

Also Go to my computer and choose the c drive right click choose Properties then tools and error checking.

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