Restart problems with XP Professional

  Simon258 13:28 28 Oct 2004

When I first start my PC each day, I can log on with no difficulty. However, if I have any reason to RESTART it I get a message from Microsoft saying that XP didn't load properly last time - if I select 'safe mode' I can get into XP, if I select 'continue' or roll back to previous settings then PC reboots again. The same happens if I have to switch off for any reason. I have to leave it for at least an hour or so before an uneventful switch on.

I have tried restoring to a point prior to my last driver updates and I have reloaded XP, but to no avail. I'm now wondering if it's a heat problem (an hour to cool down?). Any clues anyone?

  Gongoozler 18:02 28 Oct 2004

If leaving the computer for a time lets it start properly, then I think it has to be a hardware problem, and my suspicion is that it is a heat related hard drive spin problem.

  Simon258 09:58 30 Oct 2004

Does that mean I could need a new HDD? I was considering buying a larger drive anyway.

  Gongoozler 11:01 30 Oct 2004

Hi Simon258. That's my guess. The fact that the computer takes an hour or so to recover after switching off suggests that a fairly large thermal mass is involved, and the HDD is the only likely candidate. There are several hard drive cloning utilities available that will let you copy your old drive contents to a new one. I don't have experience of any, but hopefully someone on this forum will recommend one. A quick Google search came up with these possibilities: Norton Ghost click here, and PC Inspector Clone Maxx click here

  Simon258 13:02 03 Nov 2004

I used recovery console to sort it. It now seems to be okay.......let's hope! Thanks anyway.

  Gongoozler 17:08 03 Nov 2004

Hi Hi Simon258. I hope the recovery console job has sorted the problem permanently, but I have my doubts. Software can't remember how long the computer was switched off! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you anyway ;-).

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