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  sil_ver 12:05 05 Nov 2008

I tried to set up a home network using my PC and two Laptops. My PC is connected via ethernet and my lappys via WiFi. I seem to have got it 'round me neck' as the saying goes, and want to start again. Is it possible to delete the present effort and start again so there is no confusion? For info my PC and one lappy is on XP pro and the other lappy is on Vista Home Premium. I have managed to get all to 'see' each other but if I try to access my PC via the Vista lappy it asks for user/password. As I never set one up it effectively stops my access. If I try the other way round, XP to Vista, I get the 'You don't have admin rights' which is untrue as I'm the only user/admin'r.

  Rahere 12:18 05 Nov 2008

If you are mixing Xp and Vista on a network - you may have to download an extra MS patch to allow XP to work with Vista - at least I think it's that way round. I think you may have got past this bit already but it's worth checking!

What are you trying to do when you say access the XP pc - have you set up shared files or are you trying to do something more?

  sil_ver 12:22 05 Nov 2008

Being lazy I want to share the whole of 'C' on both

  Rahere 12:48 05 Nov 2008

Have to say that sharing C: with no restrictions is a very bad idea. all computers on network are then wide open - I would recommend just sharing a few folders - eg My Music - only what you what you need - but it's your choice!

sharing files/folders
Have you shared the c:\ on both pcs yet? For XP My computer> right click C: look for sharing and security and work your way through the wizard. For Vista I can't help as I don't have it but try the XP one first to prove the concept....

  sil_ver 22:30 05 Nov 2008

Tried going through XP wiz but it comes up with an error boxout telling me to contact admin which doesn't help much as I am the admin. Think I'll close this thread and have a think about whether it's worth the hastle. Thanks for all suggestions

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