Rest in peace my mobo!

  The Dazza 19:10 25 Feb 2005
Locked mobo is slowly but surely dying on me. Basically rather than buying a new pc or a building a new one from scratch I'm considering just getting a new mobo. What I'm not sure on is if all mobo's are the same shape and size (so I know my new mobo would fit in my tower). Any advice appreciated. Cheers

  Trackrat 19:34 25 Feb 2005

If you have an ATX case all modern motherboards will fit it.

  EdFrench 19:38 25 Feb 2005

You just need to lnow what type of tower you have. (Apart from a few rare animals)


Micro ATX etc.. etc.
You will find this classification on most new Mobs's. The important factor is the distance between the fixing holes as you can have a centimeter or so 'overhanging'.

THe most popular tower size is and has been for some time, ATX

  EdFrench 19:39 25 Feb 2005

'scuse me Trackrat - crossed

  woodchip 19:43 25 Feb 2005

You also need to know what your CPU will fit also consider if the ram will fit and work on the new mobo

  woodchip 19:46 25 Feb 2005

Or consider this click here

  The Dazza 19:47 25 Feb 2005

...From what you have said I think if i do buy a new mobo it will be an atx one as that is one i have at the moment. woodchip, thanks mate, i had thought about ram & cpu. Thanks again.

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