Response time 16msec or 25msec

  Ritchbee 01:31 01 Apr 2004


Could someone explain what the difference is between these two.

I want to get a either a 17" or 19" TFT screen but am confused which would be the best one.

I play a lot of games so iI want a moniter that can cope with today's modern games.

I have a radeon 9700 graphic card is that is of any help.

Many thanks

  Djohn 01:37 01 Apr 2004

The figures can be a bit misleading, it depends on how they are achieved. Have a look at Toms Hardware for response times of TFT's. Sometimes a monitor with a higher figure can outperform one with the lower figure. click here

  temp003 05:38 01 Apr 2004

Assuming the response times are measured in the same way, the smaller the response time, the better.

The response time is supposed to mean how long it takes for a pixel element to turn itself on and then off again (more accurately, from complete black to white and back to black again).

It is basically the inverse of the "supposed" frames per second the LCD is capable of. Divide 1000 by the number in milliseconds and you get fps. 16 ms means 62.5 fps and 25ms means 40 fps.

But in real life, a pixel doesn't just turn from black to white, it turns from black to another colour, which takes longer. So the fps that can be achieved is always smaller than the specification.

Also, the measured response time depends on how it is measured - things like angle of viewing, colour calibration.

As Djohn says, the figures can be misleading because manufacturers may use different criteria in measuring. But assuming the manufacturers don't go too far in "cheating", the response time should still be some sort of guide.

The most reliable test is to play a game using the different LCDs and see if there is any difference you personally can perceive. Trouble is this isn't possible.

Do a search on the models you're interested in, in the context of games playing (such as games forum or reviews) and see if anything shows up.

BenQ is supposed to have made LCD panels with 12ms response time. I don't know how reliable that specification is.

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