Resource Conflict error on Acer laptop

  Covergirl 21:16 02 Feb 2009

Acer Inspire 5920, Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 CPU 2Ghz, 2GB RAM, Mobile Intel 965 Express graphics Chipset, 218GB HDD over 2 partitions, VHP SP1.

(Unusual, but D: shows 107GB with a note that 104GB is used but it is all shaded purple as free space).

I've been given a friends daughters laptop to 'fix' because it has been locking up and generally misbehaving itself since October-ish last year, and it was new in August 08.

I did a system restore last November which appeared to fix it for the time being - however it started playing up again so I was called on again.

My diagnosis (after some testing) was that the OS was unstable, so after some attempts at repairing the system, I eventually plumped for a reinstallation of the OS (VHP) which has all gone quite well, including all Vista updates.

However, I'm still plagued by several errors on boot as follows - the error messages go like this (ignore the quotes):

" Bus 0A, Device:09 Function:00
Resource Conflict - PCI on Motherboard"

(This is repeated up to another 4 times same message but for Function:01 through to Function:04)

followed by

"Press F1> to resume, F2> to Setup."

Pressing F1 takes you into Vista and everything appears to function correctly.

Pressing F2 takes you into the BIOS and there appears to be nothing unusual in there. Loading Setup Defaults then saving and exiting makes no difference.

Anyone any ideas? Anyone any ideas where I should be looking for faults? I've checked Device Manager and there's nothing with an exclamation mark.

Hmmmm . . . .

  STREETWORK 21:56 02 Feb 2009

The symptoms you describe may be related to something within the laptop coming loose. i would hazard a guess at somthing connected to the motherboard such as a fire wire card or usb connector. you should get this fixed through Acer...

  Covergirl 12:30 03 Feb 2009

That's a good idea. I will give them a ring - I've read good reports about their returns policy on this forum.

Anybody else any ideas please?

  Covergirl 22:13 03 Feb 2009

Has this problem got everyone as stumped as I?

Rock all about it on the Acer site.

Thanks in anticipation.

  MCE2K5 01:54 04 Feb 2009

Don't know if you've read this

click here

The gist of it is, That "Resource Conflict - PCI on Motherboard Bus:0A, Device:09, Function:00 = CARDREADER PROBLEM problem"

  MCE2K5 02:02 04 Feb 2009

" Bus 0A, Device:09 Function:00
Resource Conflict - PCI on Motherboard"

(This is repeated up to another 4 times same message but for Function:01 through to Function:04)

So thats 00, 01, 02, 03, 04,

According to this click here
It does have a "5 in 1 card reader (SD), (MMC), (MS), (MS PRO), (XD)"

  Covergirl 05:37 04 Feb 2009

That looks a good solution - and might also explain why it appeared to have a card inserted before I reloaded Vista. I had the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the systray but it wouldn't let me remove it - and it actually gave the name of a memory card.

Thanks for now - I think I'll be going back to Acer

  Covergirl 12:48 04 Feb 2009

For your information, the call to Acer tech support was an immediate connect to an advisor. What's more, an advisor who sounded very much like he was in the UK, if you know what I mean.

Symptoms described and procedures/steps taken were all related and after a couple of minutes it was determined that a return to Acer was warranted.

Nice simple instructions on the email together with links to packing instructions for DHL; instructions on how to contact DHL step by step appear to be clear and concise. Just need to phone them now.

Sounds like it will be back in about a week. I will let you know.

Thanks to MCE2K5 for the note and links and Streetwork for a good guess.

Thread closed but I will be back .. .. back .. .. back .. ..

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