Resoring a Packard Bell iConnect

  s99Raj 14:36 31 Mar 2006

I have a Packard Bell iConnect desktop (that's all it says on the front) which did have Windows ME on it. Connecting the hard drive to another as a slave i notice that it has a folder called Resotre on it full of what look like zipped file. I'm guessing it's possible to restore the desktop to factory conditions, perhaps by pressing a certain key on startup. Does anyone know how?

On startup I get little - no icons or anything - it just displays the desktop background and gets stuck there.

  rsinbad 14:58 31 Mar 2006

Not sure think its f10 or f11 you will need the restore disc as the backup is on a hidden partition.

if you dont have the restore disc you will need to obtain one.

info on pb
click here

  anthonystorey 15:07 31 Mar 2006

i had one of these it came with a red floppy which you put in the drive before booting up and gave you several options and one was to do a factory restore
it was a very good machine gave it to my sister still going strong after 6 years no probs whatsoever

  Pineman100 15:11 31 Mar 2006

I have a Packard Bell computer. It came without any kind of Windows or other software CD's, but with a program that allowed me to create restore CD's unique to my machine. When you create these CD's you also have option to save backup data on your hard drive, enabling an OS recovery to be carried out without destroying personal data.
This may be what you have found on your HDD.

According to my instruction booklet, you can launch the recovery program either by using a program called Smart Restore (found under Packard Bell Support in your programs list), or by pressing F11 upon startup.

This information refers to my 6-month old Windows XP machine. Not sure whether it's valid for your older computer.

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