resolved and ticked threads- but no solution given

  end 07:07 22 Jan 2005

I have contributed to several threads recently where the poster has said "problem solved" (or similar words), ticked the thread as resolved then vanished, with no explanation of what they did or found to be the fault that sorted out their problem.

I am sure I am not the only member that this is happening to (?) and it is most frustrating that the poster has not had the courtesy to report back to the thread to say how the problem has been resolved so that other members can learn from the thread

a typical one I am on at present says "all sorted now" and thread ticked, but nowt else; so ??how was it sorted?it is courtesy to others who have contributed, and to the rest of the forum when they are searching the archives , to give the solution; can we not help each other to learn (or is that just "too easy"?)

tick your thread as resolved by all means, but give us the solution please::))

we are not in competition here, but learning from each other, and part of that is to state the solution; if you have no idea what you did, but the thing just started working properly again, then say so ; it is all "common -courtesy" ( and I believe it is also stated in the Forum rules:)

so; please, solution explanations when you tick your thread ....p l e a s e ::)

  jagx400 08:16 22 Jan 2005

couldn't agree more

  VoG II 08:31 22 Jan 2005


and now you tell me that it isn't a competition :o(

Seriously, I agree. It is very frustrating when several different solutions are offered and the thread is ticked with no indication of what worked.

  beeuuem 08:58 22 Jan 2005

Equally frustrating are threads which pose a question or problem, receive several suggestions and then remain in limbo with no tick or response by the originator of the thread.

  jack 09:15 22 Jan 2005

Agree absolutly
So many think this is an adivce line where the advice givers are the 'experts'

I have in the past wherea particular thread had my personal interest, posted the originator and asked direct -- 'Well now you have it sorted what was it?'

I dont recall getting a response to that either ((:-((

  ICF 09:22 22 Jan 2005

Why does this forum not send an email to let you know there is an update to a thread like many other forums do?
Would this not help with the of frequency replies?

  Dennis1 09:29 22 Jan 2005

Most People that help others on this forum aren't bothered about being thanked (although it's only good manners to do so)But it would be very helpful to other people if they knew how it had been resolved.also it would then be archived for the future.Dennis

  User-312386 09:52 22 Jan 2005

As VoG™ has sais we have been here over 3 years now and in that time i have seen more and more threads just "ticked" without even saying how it was resolved

Come on guys tell everyone how it was resolved as it helps others

  bremner 10:05 22 Jan 2005

When you initiate a thread the default setting is for you to receive an e mail for each subsequent posting.

You have to remove the tick NOT to receive an e mail.

  Forum Editor 10:06 22 Jan 2005

and this subject has cropped up many times since we first introduced the green tick system.

My response is always the same. Although it's obviously helpful to know what worked - or what didn't - it's not a requirement. Many people are so pleased to have resolved a problem that may have been irritating them for days/weeks that they simply forget to tell us. They often forget to tick their threads too, and we're even more in the dark.

From time to time I issue reminders, but I don't feel we should chivvy people unnecessarily. It isn't a life or death matter if we don't get 'closure'. Life goes on, and we want the forum to be a friendly, reasonably relaxed place, where people are not intimidated by a constant barrage of finger-wagging threads from regular contributors. We're all different, and perhaps if you saw some of the emails I receive from relative newcomers who aren't quite sure how to use the forum you might be more inclined towards a degree of tolerance - please remember that all of you were once greenhorns, both in computing and in forum etiquette; some of you quite recently.

  [email protected] 10:21 22 Jan 2005

People will be people with all their idiosyncrasies I have received one email from a friend thanking me for guidance Great but you never expect any answers except the ticked green box no matter whose advice the person used to cure his problem It is that green box being ticked that is all the satisfaction anyone needs on this forum Job well done & Thank you to all participants of whatever qualification

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