resolution on a laptop

  Magik™ 17:36 26 Jan 2003

hi.. the screen resolution on this laptop is suppose to be 1600x1200, sort of set at the factory, , but the type is so small so i have just changed it to 1024,768..does it do it any harm? daft question i is a 15 inch screen and UGXA what ever that is..


  TheTerminator 17:49 26 Jan 2003

it doesn't at all!
have you changed the DPI siza?

right click on the screen, properties, settings, advanced, under DISPLAY, DPI Settings

edit that. I run my laptop at 1600*1200 and have the fonts at 150% size which makes the text fine.

Also, in internet explorer, pressing control and scrolling on your mouse scroller button changes the font size (alternatively go to VIEW, TEXT SIZE)

Finally on the desktop, right click, properties, appearance, effects, click on LARGE ICONS.

All of these are WIN xp but should make your screen usable.

  Lú-tzé 17:51 26 Jan 2003

No, it makes no difference. Try changing the refresh rate it you have any flicker. 1024 x 768 is good for a 15inch tft.

  Magik™ 18:06 26 Jan 2003

thanks all,i will try the settings thingy, and report back.thanks

  DieSse 18:23 26 Jan 2003

Laptos shouldn't have flicker problems, 60Hz is a pretty normal refresh rate setting - which in any case should be the one the manufacturer recommends.

I think TheTerminator has the answer for you. The trouble with running in the "None-native" resolution, is that it nearly always noticeably degrades the display - sometimes badly.

  Magik™ 18:35 26 Jan 2003

for me this XP thingy seems to be a very slow learning curve...i did notice that when i set it to 1024x768 it was a bit furry round the edges, now i have followed Terminators advice and lo and behold i can now read it at 1600x1200.

thanks all

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