eccomputers 22:09 23 Jun 2003

I have noticed that printers and scanners are still giving more resolution in one direction per inch than the other direction. Does anyone know why this is?

  Pesala 22:15 23 Jun 2003

is that increasing resolution in the line of the paper feed means that the print nozzles have to be smaller and closer together, or one has to print in two passes, slowing down print speed. The same principle applies to scanners.

  DieSse 22:25 23 Jun 2003

Because the mechanisms for moving horizontally and vertically are entirely different, and so subject to different constraints.

  DieSse 22:30 23 Jun 2003

Or to put it perhaps more correctly - one is carried out by a mechanism (moving a head) - the other is specified by a premanufactured part (print head/ scanner CCD). The constraints are still different - mechanical ones being of lower tolerance.

  spikeychris 22:33 23 Jun 2003

DieSse, you are hereby awarded "geek of the week"

  DieSse 22:53 23 Jun 2003

Ta very much ;-))

  Pesala 23:39 23 Jun 2003

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