resizng - recieved images to fiut screen

  SparkyJack 09:08 10 Feb 2011

One of my flock receives e mail from a cousin in a distant land that has images inserted into the text.

The images come up larger then the screen and there fore cannot be seen in their entirety but have to be scrolled.
She asks - what can she do to make the images 'screen size'?
To my mind it is up to the cousin to make the the changes in the composition.
Is there some thing she can do with the received mail?

  Graham. 09:17 10 Feb 2011

Depends on the format, jpg or Word?

  Graham. 09:42 10 Feb 2011

If Word, click on the image to get 'grab' handles. Click and hold on the bottom right handle and drag towards the centre.

  Graham. 14:50 10 Feb 2011

from school yet. Of course, she can also right-click on the image and select Size.

  onthelimit 15:00 10 Feb 2011

Neither of those work for me (XP), but right click and 'save picture as ' does.

  SparkyJack 15:38 10 Feb 2011

I do not know what system the lady in question has, but experimenting on my part suggests the same as your self- size to sand Yes - but to resize received images- no joy.

Graham it pays not to be too cheeky with your posts just useful info - if you have it.
You do not know who is on the other end
For my part 'skool' was 50 years ago and I have been building and messing with computers these past 25 years, and doing my best to help on this forum these past 10.

  SparkyJack 15:52 10 Feb 2011

Following on from your 'save as' suggestion then viewing the image in 'IrfanView' with its preselected sizing and reduce /enlarge controls should do the deed.
I have made this suggestion to the good lady.

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