Resizing webpages for printing

  ch0pper 03:01 24 Apr 2004

I'm using the Avant browser and it's great.

However, I'm a big user of the web-based investment analysis sites and I'm having great trouble with printing the pages without losing a slice from the right margin.

Sometimes this doesn't matter, but sometimes it's a real pain as I lose vital information.

Does anyone know how to force the browser to send scaled pages to my printer?

  ch0pper 03:39 24 Apr 2004

and this doesn't do the trick.

And I don't want to have to print landscape.

  ch0pper 03:39 24 Apr 2004

and this doesn't do the trick.

And I don't want to have to print landscape.

  ch0pper 04:22 24 Apr 2004

Well, I've just tried using the Opera browser that very conveniently lets you scale the page when printing ....

But I don't like Opera!!

  Swampy 07:04 24 Apr 2004

Hi, This is a real pain isn't it! What I sometimes do is this.... Drag down the page highlighting all the parts you want printed (perhaps the whole page). Copy and then paste this into a blank Word file set up with minimum borders (I keep a template set up ready). You need to stay online and allow Word to retrieve the information. I'm not sure if this will work for all web pages but I've found it a useful workaround. Hope it helps - no harm in trying!

  Doogie Howser 07:33 24 Apr 2004

If you have a Canon printer they have a very nice little plug in for your browser called Easy Webprint which addresses this truly irritating problem.

  ch0pper 07:37 24 Apr 2004

Nope .. I have all HP printers :(

Thanx Swampy .. I'll try your idea out and see.

Yes, it is a pain and it happens with so many websites.

  Jakey boy 08:09 24 Apr 2004

Have you tried setting your printing properties to "scale to fit media" or similar. I know you have this option with HP printer drivers?

  Agent Smith 08:43 24 Apr 2004

Also try File, - Page Set Up (from web page menu)select B4 then scale to fit, but it may depend on you printers printing software. Quick fix is print in Landscape but it does use more paper.

  ch0pper 09:35 24 Apr 2004

the newest HP printer drivers and printer setup software for my HP 5552 printer

I've tried the 'scale to fit' option to fit the default A4 paper. I've set the margins to 3.5mm each side. And STILL the printer doesn't get all the page on the paper.

For example. on this current page it prints as far as the p in the word poll on the upper right edge of the text block.

This is incredibly frustrating.

  Jakey boy 10:29 25 Apr 2004

Use your cursor and drag across the entire page, (or use "edit/select all") copy and paste into MS WORD. Then you can try to resize the text/graphics blocks to fit on A4. I've done this before. A little tricky, but might just be the solution.

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