Resizing a HDD partition.

  m800afc 10:59 26 Apr 2008

I have just finished a clean install of XP Pro. Using Acronis Disc Director 10, I have managed to create two partitions, C and Z at the moment C is 331GB, and Z is 40GB. This is the opposite of what I intended. Try as I might I am unable to resize the partions to C=40, for the OS, and Z=331, for everything else. I clearly am doing something wrong. Any advice gratefully received.

  Switcher 11:36 26 Apr 2008

Clone c to z then wipe c Z will become c and the old C can be z if you wish.

  stylehurst 16:35 26 Apr 2008

How are you trying to do it?
You should be trying to increase Z & the program will ask you where you want to take the space from, in your case it will be C.
Should then work OK; I have never had problems; have a look at the manual

  m800afc 20:52 26 Apr 2008

I have read the instructions three times. As I follow the instructions, all goes well until I press the "Commit" button. The computer shuts down, as expected, and appears to be doing the job, but on restart, no changes have been made.

I am trying to reduce the size of the system partition to about 35GB, which is 10% of the drive (Give or take). I have noticed that in the instuctions it states that the resize button is on the sidebar. It is not. I have also noticed that it says it is possible to increase the size of the system partition, but it does not say anywhere that you can reduce the size of the system partition. Is it actually possible, and has anyone done it.

I would be happy to do another clean install, if some kind soul would explain to me how to create a 40GB C partition on which to install.

  Ditch999 21:13 26 Apr 2008

Is there an option to create a new partition? If so use the space from c: to create a 290GB partition and call it M: or similar. When thats done delete the partions M: and Z:. From the unallocated space you then have create your new partition.

  cream. 21:14 26 Apr 2008

I think your problem may be the size of the system restore default folder. On a 331gig partition this would amount to nearly 40gig of hard drive space, plus of course the O\S.

Disable system restore and reboot. Then alter the size of C via acronis and then commit.

See if that does the trick.

  m800afc 21:35 26 Apr 2008

Thanks for the replies.
I have tried turning off system restore, but this made no difference. I am still stuck with C=331GB and J=40GB.
I am still unable to make any changes to the system, C drive. I am not able to swap the drive letters because as I say, I am not able to make any changes to the system drive.
I have been through the online manual, all 128 pages of it, and there is no reference to reducing the size of the system drive.

Is it possible to set up two partitions whilst installing XP Pro? If it is, I will do a clean install (again).

  m800afc 21:44 26 Apr 2008

I have just tried it in safe mode.
Still no joy.

  Ditch999 21:46 26 Apr 2008

Apparently you are not alone re Acronis click here

  GaT7 21:56 26 Apr 2008

Try it with the free Paragon Hard Disk Manager 8.0
click here.

1. Resize C: to 40Gb

2. Partiton + format the 290Gb space

3. Finally merge (Wizards > Merge Partitions...) the adjacent 290Gb & 40Gb (Z) partitions.


  m800afc 22:05 26 Apr 2008

Done it!!!!!!!!

I uninstalled Disc Director from my C drive. The idea was to install it on my D drive to see if it ran from there. The installation required a reboot, which I did. I did not remember, however, to remove the DD CD from the CD drive. On restart DD booted up straight from the CD, and I was able to complete the resizing first time. Whilst doing this a progress bar was displayed, which had not been seen before.

I am assuming that it is not possible to carry out partition changes on a drive that DD is run from. I know for next time.

I will mark this as resolved.

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