Resizing hard drive partitions

  trisha01 07:28 02 Jul 2007

my 160 gig hard drive is partitioned 50 - 50 c and d drives, ntfs and fat, can I resize this partition to say, 75- 25? there's only backup stuff on the d drive and a lot of space going to waste. Would this be difficult to do and could I anticipate any problems?


  PalaeoBill 11:17 02 Jul 2007

It is not difficult to do and 99.9% of the time it will work just fine, but you must be prepared for things to go pear shaped. I wouldn't attempt this before a full backup and I would want to have the original OS & manufacturer driver CD's (mobo, video, soundcard etc.) available just in case.

Commercial untilities like Partition Magic will do this. I use Partition Magic regularly and have never had a problem with data loss. There are similar freeware & shareware utilities available too.

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  trisha01 13:21 02 Jul 2007

I'd like to repartion the hard drive but am a bit nervous about doing it - the pc came with a small amount of preloaded software and windows xp MCE and the only discs I have are the backup discs that I made when first setting up the PC. If something went wrong and I need to reinstall the OS would these be ok to do it?

i don't want to be stuck with out an OS

  Gongoozler 14:53 02 Jul 2007

The safest way to go, in my opinion, is to buy a second hard drive - you can get an 80G drive for about £30 and copy your C drive to that. Then you can rapartition your 160G drive and use it to store all your files. You should be able to use Partitionlogic as recommended by PalaeoBill to do both copying and repartitioning and this way you don't make any changes to your 160G drive until you know that the installation on the new drive is safe. You can even leave the installation on the 160G drive as a safety backup. An 80G drive need only cost about £30 including delivery click here

  trisha01 17:49 02 Jul 2007

I have a 320 external fat drive for music storage etc, could I use that ?

  mobileman1953 18:56 02 Jul 2007

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this works for vista dont know about xp someone else may know

  PalaeoBill 21:53 02 Jul 2007


Thanks, I didn't know Vista had this facility. Unfortunately for trisha01 it is not part of XP.

If the worst came to the worst I doubt the CD's that you have would be enough; you would need a real XP CD. The drivers etc. could all be downloaded from the web though.
If you write down the XP licence number, which will be on a sticker somewhere on your PC or the documentation that came with it, you can borrow a real XP CD from work or a friend and when prompted during the re-install just enter your licence number (just make sure you borrow the version that matches your licence i.e. XP HOME, XP PRO etc.).

Assuming your external 320 is a 320 Gb USB drive, yes you can make this bootable and copy the entire 160 Gb drive to it using PartitionLogic. That way you can be sure you have a working bootable backup before you attempt to re-partition the 160 Gb drive.
Do you have somewhere to copy the music to before you start (PC at work or friends PC perhaps.) ?

Good luck

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