Resizing C drive partitions

  bumpkin 19:20 05 Oct 2011

Hi everyone, I have a Sony VAIO as a back up machine and for general abuse by the rest of the family after they have broken their own. It had a 120g hdd partitioned as c 40g & d 80g. Someone filled up the c drive with videos and music so I was no longer able to do anything other than use the recovery disk that came with it. This of course loses everyones data and progs. I now have it up and running Ok but would like to resize the partitions. When doing the recovery I set them at c 60g 7 d 60 appx comes out about 55g each. I thought this would be easy but I should have known better at my age. From this site I downloaded "Paragon Partition Manager 11" When I ask it to resize the partitions it says it can`t because there must be at least two partitions on the drive. Disk management clearly shows drive0 with partition 1 c and partion 2 d.

Can anyone help please I am sure there is easier answer from those that know.


  chub_tor 19:57 05 Oct 2011

I've not used the Paragon software but I have used Partition Wizard and found it very simple to use. Re-sizing is simply performed by dragging the partitions to the size you want.

  robin_x 20:46 05 Oct 2011

Note for future:

Should you ever fill c drive so full that nothing works, even delete, try booting from a Live Linux CD and doing it. It's useful to have one anyway for a variety of problems.

If the whole family at risk of data loss, consider buying a £40-50 ext USB HDD (1-2TB) and makimg regular backup images and/or backups.

  bumpkin 22:36 05 Oct 2011

Thank you both for your replies.

chub-tor, I will download from your link and give that a try.

robinofloxy, I had this machine backed up onto a 1TB external USB drive Sept using Acronis but when I tried to restore it said the file was corrupt so it would not work. I don`t know why that should be but that was my first port of call to recover as I would not have lost data. Whats a Live Linux Cd? sounds interesting.

Thanks for you time Ray

  bumpkin 22:49 05 Oct 2011

chub-tor, that looks exactly what I need and seems simple to use. Not tried it yet so I won`t sign off, I know my luck :)


  robin_x 23:41 05 Oct 2011

Images do occasionally are corrupted. Acronis should have a verify check option.

It's better to have more than one image too (if you have space).

Linux is just an alternative to Windows. If you have a Live Cd, it will run from there and RAM. So even if your HDD is chocca or there is some other problem, you can still do things.

Link in my above post shows how to make the disk. You can ignore the title and other info. It was just a convenient link.

  bumpkin 20:41 06 Oct 2011

Hi again and thanks, I can`t get Partition wizard to work but it has given me an insight into what l think may be the problem. Like to resize the partitions or just have one. Part c is called primary and Part d is called logical, could this be the reason? As I don`t know what I am doing here I am reluctant to experiment willy nilly. Any further advice please.


  robin_x 21:53 06 Oct 2011

Primary/Logical shouldn't matter perhaps unless part of an Extended Partition. Just noticed PW doesn't show mine. Don't worry about that now)

Right click D. Move/Resize. Hover cursor over left side of D pop-up. Drag to 60GB or whatever you want.

OK/click Apply top left of screen.

You should now have C, Uallocated, D.

I've never known PW 'not to work'. If it still doesnt, describe EXACTLY what you are seeing/doing.

Expanding C into the new Unallocated space is similar to above.

  bumpkin 22:51 06 Oct 2011

Hi again, thanks a lot for your help, now sorted, it is a neat bit of very easy to use software. Maybe I will try reading the INSTRUCTIONS in future before posting :-)


  robin_x 23:07 06 Oct 2011

Jolly good.

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