Resize HD on Tosh Laptop W7

  David4637 21:22 15 Aug 2011

I want to decrease the size of the C: Drive (the OS), and increase the size of the D: both are on the same HD, and are therefore partitioned. I go to Control Panel / Admin Tools / Disk Management and both are displayed as Healthy C: Primary Partition and D: Primary Partition. I right click on the C: and select shrink and an error dialog box message titled Virtual Disc Manager says Service can not be started because its disabled or no enabled devices are associated? The same message is displayed if are try the above on the D: Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks David

  c4rm0 21:43 15 Aug 2011

Go into Services.msc and enabled the Virtual Disk service

  David4637 14:20 16 Aug 2011

c4rm0 - thanks for your reply, I have just done what you suggested and changed Start to Automatic, but it still says Virtual disc Manager needs to be enabled. I have not re-booted my laptop yet, will try that and report back. Thanks for your help so far David

  David4637 15:35 16 Aug 2011

I re-booted but can not shrink C: or D: by right clicking. I set Virtual Disc to Automatically start when I used services.msc, but in msconfig / Services tab, there is a tick in the box for it, but under Status in the same dialog it says Stopped. How do I make go to Running as some of the other services indicate? Any help appreciated Thanks David

  woodchip 16:14 16 Aug 2011

You need to take care changing Partitions as Your Recovery Partition or Recovery CD may not work after changes. Only way round this is to create a Acronis Image of The Drive to a External Drive, so that it can be put back to working order if it goes Pear Shaped

  David4637 21:32 16 Aug 2011

Woodchip - I use Acronis to backup. I just want to be able to decrease C and increase D drive, and it will not even let me try to ascertain how much I could shrink the C: drive, hence see the error message above, which says the facility needs to be enabled - HOW DO I ENABLE IT? Thanks David

  woodchip 22:12 16 Aug 2011

If you used Acronis Disc Director its easy to do

Click Hear I use old Version 10 not upgraded to 11 as it does what I want

  David4637 16:15 17 Aug 2011
  1. I just want to know if I use say Easeus Partition manager whether that will work even though W7 Disc Management will not work?

    1. Does any one know how to enable virtual disc, which allows Disc Management to work? Thanks David
  c4rm0 17:40 17 Aug 2011

The Virtual disk service has to be set to manual rather than Automatic it will Enable / Disable the service when needed

  David4637 21:41 22 Aug 2011

c4rm0 - set Virtual Disc to Manual, but still get error message that it needs to enabled, in order to shrink the C: drive. Any ideas about enabling Virtual Disc in services.msc, or anything else? Thanks David

  robin_x 11:51 23 Aug 2011

I use all of:

Windows Disc Management

Partition Wizard 6 (and the bootable CD version)

Easeus Partition Manager

Paragon Partition Manager

All have their foibles and refuse to do something or other. If one doesn't work, i just try another.

They are all fairly small, free downloads.

Except for WDM, and I have no idea why that doesn't work for you.

Just try one of the others.

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