Resident Sheald

  mickey mouse 21:17 24 May 2009

I keep getting messages up from resident sheald telling me they have found threats. have deleted them. This is going on all the time, Could someone help me please stop this from keep popping up?

  lotvic 21:55 24 May 2009

what antivirus, spyware, anti malware, security and firewall programs have you got installed?

We need to know this and what OS it is (XP home, XP pro, Vista?)

Does it give you any details of what the threat is?

If you can please copy/type the message for us to see.

  bluto1 22:07 24 May 2009

What is your OS?
What Anti Virus and Anti malware do you have, and, hopefully,use?

I get the feeling from your post that you're using Avast as your anti virus. What you need to do is, in my opinion, is delete all cookies and temporary files, then do a deep scan with your Anti malware programme followed by a deep scan with your Anti virus programme.

I also know that your resident shield is working.

  bluto1 22:09 24 May 2009

Sorry friend, I didn't see your reply. I'll leave it i your hands.

  bluto1 22:11 24 May 2009

Actually , I'm a very slow typist.

  mickey mouse 22:33 24 May 2009

Sorry, Using XP not sure which version AVG, it is a desk top, and I cannot see Ccleaner or adaware on the desk top or in add and remove, Sorry but this is not my PC and I am trying to help someone who is out at the moment and they are problable not sure what they are using. I thought I had posted this 5 mins ago but I cannot see it so hope this works.

  mickey mouse 22:39 24 May 2009

It comes up with warning found cookies on opening, Something to do with Media. Sorry I will right it down for next time, as I forget what it tells me.

  lotvic 22:55 24 May 2009

I welcome your input, I prefer it when there is lots of input from others it serves to confirm am on right track.

  lotvic 22:59 24 May 2009

or on wrong track ;-)

going for a coffee now, back later.

  mickey mouse 20:03 25 May 2009

The PC has Windows Firewall. One of the pop up says Threat Removed MSNPORTAL1122o7(1), another is called Tacoda, another Mediaplex, does this help?

  rdave13 20:23 25 May 2009

Download superantispyware (free version) from here; click here Update it and run a full scan.
Is AVG an antivirus? If so update it and also run a full scan.
Personally I'd uninstall AVG and install Avast Home Antivirus but that's only my humble opinion.
Avast Home; click here

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