resetting wireless router

  User-A964BECF-28AC-450B-8707F7EBA2A7EF6F 20:14 25 Jun 2008

Hi, my wireless internet seems to have been pretty cack lately so im going to try resettig the router. i know i need t find the small pinhole where i press the button for 10 seconds but after this im not sure what im going to have to do?

Will i automatically be able to connect up to the router again or am i going to have to fiddle about with things anywhere??

If anyone can help it will be appreciated.

  Halmer 20:22 25 Jun 2008

return to default settings so you will then have to reload them manually or via the installation disc that came with the router.

  MAT ALAN 20:22 25 Jun 2008

click here

this may help...

  Halmer 20:23 25 Jun 2008

password and user ID recorded somewhere for example.

  woodchip 20:42 25 Jun 2008

You will have to go into router setup page and input you ISP login details as User and Password etc

  grey george 20:57 25 Jun 2008

On mine it's 20 seconds. Do you a have network cable? You will need to make a physical connection to re-input the information. I would use the cable before the reset to make sure it works and to look at the settings so you can note any changes. Also any firmware updates will be undone.

ok so im going to have to go onto my old computer and put the cd for the router into the computer and work with that to set it up.

i installed the router on my old computer, would i be able to reset it and stuff using my new laptop???

  Halmer 21:50 25 Jun 2008

then change them and save them you should be able top access the settings by typing the ip address (on the back of the router) into Internet Explorer. Usually something like the two passwords both usually admin.

  woodchip 22:01 25 Jun 2008

You should not need a CD if you have your ISPs User and Password

  Switcher 23:23 25 Jun 2008

You should be able to save the router configuration to a file then if you have problems getting things set up after you reset the router you can at least restore it from that config file.

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