resetting a password for wireless network

  smithers jones 21:26 13 Feb 2008

a friend could not get onto his wireless network as it stated the network was open (unsecure) and should be secure before connection. I believe it happened when an xbox live connection was established

Anyway I have opened it on his pc giving him access to the internet but he cannot remember his wireless net password to re-secure.

Is there any way of obtaining the password or resetting it? (I considered a totall uninstall of the network adn starting from scratch to make a new one. would this be advisable?)


  smithers jones 21:28 13 Feb 2008

sorry maybe should have said its a netgear router with vista laptop running on aol

  skidzy 21:41 13 Feb 2008

Not 100% sure on your router,but underneath or on the side there maybe a reset pin hole...
Disconnect from the mains,and press the reset,this will factory set the router enabling you to setup the encryption again.

  sinbads 21:44 13 Feb 2008

Netgear routers, enter into your browser This should bring up the routers access box where you will need to type user.. admin and password is password if the password has been changed and you cannot remember this, unfortunately you will need to reset your router to factory settings by holding the reset button on the rear of the router for 30 secs. you will however need to reapply your settings

  smithers jones 21:49 13 Feb 2008

Thanks folks but can I clarify,

If I reset the router by pressing the pinhole will I have to load the disc and start from scratch?

  Woolwell 21:56 13 Feb 2008

Try sinbads method first. When you enter the router configuration pages you should be able to find the net password or be able to set a new one.

  sinbads 21:57 13 Feb 2008

No you will not need the disk it merely resets the router configuration to factory settings. you would loose any firmware updates and passwords.please confirm you are unable to access the router configureation.

  smithers jones 22:07 13 Feb 2008

when you attempt to access the wireless network it states it cannot. windows searches for a reason and states that it could not connect because the network was open (unsecure). vista gives you a list of options including manage network. when you access this it gives you a box regarding the wireless network with a gereral tab and a security tab. pressing the security tab shows a box with about 6 options.
1. open
2. shared
3. wpa
4. wpa 2
(can't recall the last 2 but they were security settings similar to wpa (wsk?))
shared and wpa were tried but both require password input. as he could'nt recall the password, open was chosen, allowing access to internet but obviously unsecure.
On vista this is the only access to netgear configuration I could find.

  sinbads 22:16 13 Feb 2008

Netgear model ?

  smithers jones 22:57 13 Feb 2008

DG834G v3

  Woolwell 23:05 13 Feb 2008

Access to the router configuration is through your browser see Sinbads post of 21:44

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