Reset needed for boot

  thedarkside 20:41 25 Apr 2004

I am presently having to turn the PC on and press the reset switch to get the system to POST. Everything lights up at start-up but the reset is needed to get things going.

I suspect the PSU may be on its way out. System - Athlon XP2800, E-Buyer 400W PSU, HDD, CD, DVD, Radeon 9800 Pro, 5 case fans.

Its not really a big deal but was wondering if anyone had experience similar problem, and if so was it Power related?
Thanks for any help.

  NGE 21:11 25 Apr 2004

what happens when you dont press the reset switch?

  woodchip 21:16 25 Apr 2004

You need to choose a boot loged start and have a look at the log file

  Gongoozler 21:27 25 Apr 2004

It is possible that the power supply isn't capable of supplying enough power when all the computer parts are putting maximum demand on it. The Ebuyer supplies are very good value for money, but are clearly not the best quality. When using such cheap supplies I think it's a good idea to rate them generously. So whereas a good quality 400W supply might be ok for your system, I think a 550W Qtec would be a better bet for a cheap supply click here.

  thedarkside 22:29 25 Apr 2004


The PC powers up, ie fans spin, then nothing, so the PSU is getting enough juice for this, but no POST beep, just a lot of spinning fans. I'm reckoning that the initial draw is high enough to be causing the problem

  BlueMeanie 20:29 26 Apr 2004

Could be the power supply, as a quality one should provide a "Good" power signal before powering up the motherboard. The power supply will probably remain like this, ie it will not deteriorate.

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