Reset BIOS

  Ollyolly 20:06 05 Oct 2006

If I put a new CPU on a motherboard do I have to reset the BIOS on the motherboard after installation?

If I do am I right in thinking removing the CMOS battery for a period is sufficient?


  ed-0 20:10 05 Oct 2006

You should not need to reset the bios or remove the battery.

usually the cpu should auto detect and run at it's true speed straight away. You may need to alter a setting in the bios if it does not run at it's true speed.

  ed-0 20:12 05 Oct 2006

If you know the make and model of the motherboard, the model of the old and new cpu. Then you could be advised on what or if any settings need to be altered.

  Ollyolly 20:24 05 Oct 2006

Thanks for the swift reply.
The motherboard is an EPOX EP-8KMM+ and I was hoping my surplus AMD Athlon XP 2200+ would fit it.

  it_girl 20:33 05 Oct 2006

Ollyolly the answer may be yes and that's if you mean a bios upgade.For example if you are using a existing board and decide to upgrade to an acceptable and faster cpu then this may require the latest bios program for that board.This will require flashing the bios; with great caution.

What you have to do is go to the motherboard manufacturers site,support section,and check the board spec. and find out what cpu's it can handle.Also get the latest version bios number and compare it with the version on your pc.

Posting more details is the key to finding a more accurate answer.
On the other hand, ed-0 has it spot on ,bung it on and run it.If it is a very old board it may require jumper setting changes!!

  it_girl 20:35 05 Oct 2006

Ollyolly ,thanks you posted whilst I was writing.I will have a check.

  ed-0 20:50 05 Oct 2006

Epox say no click here A 2000+ max.

  it_girl 20:54 05 Oct 2006

click here for manual.It supports XP(1500+ to 3000+) so carry on.
Link for bios support click here

  Ollyolly 21:05 05 Oct 2006

ed-0 and it_girl
Thanks for your replies. You managed to find pages I couldn't. The pages I found didn't make things to clear to me.

The cpu is only slightly higher than Epox recommend so I think I'll give it a try.

An 86 page manual is going to take some reading, but I'll give it a try. I've found the bit about cpu speed.

I'll let you both know how I get on.

  it_girl 21:08 05 Oct 2006

ed-0 yes you got it right.
I've checked your link at it seems to be more accurate than my results.I wonder if my link is for the latest bios upgrade.Will check.

  it_girl 21:11 05 Oct 2006

Ollyolly it won't work if 2000+ if the current max.I will check to see if up to 3000+ is possible with a bios upgrade.

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