Pingu300 14:50 29 Apr 2007

Whenever I boot up my laptop I have a "Load dll error" pop-up indicating "Can't Load Res_dll". I can OK this but it constantly pops back again.

Can someone please tell me why this has happened and how to fix it? To date (only last couple days) it does not appear to affect any applications I have used but I would like to know the underlying reason for this.


  Jack Hackett 14:57 29 Apr 2007

Very likely to be an orphaned startup entry, used by an infection, that has been left behind following a removal of an infection.

Go to Start > Run > type in
click on the Startup tab
scroll down the list looking for any entry that has a reference to it
Untick the box next to it to remove the entry from the startup list

  Pingu300 15:21 29 Apr 2007

Thanks for the prompt response Jack.

However, although I can access the list there doesn't appear to be anything I would call a reference or start-up item related to this problem. What sort of thing am I looking for or should it be obvious?

  skidzy 18:15 29 Apr 2007

Do you have a Linksy Wireless adaptor or Router connected by any chance ?

This is probably a driver issue and if i am correct,you will need to goto the Linksy site and download the latest driver,save it to your desktop.
Then uninstall your current driver and install the new one saved to your desktop.

I believe this to be related to a wireless adaptor.Maybe removing the software and reloading may cure your issue.

If the above is not a Linksy,check in Device Manager for any yellow exclaimation marks.

Device Manager:
Windows key + Pausebreak/Hardware/device manager.

  Pingu300 20:32 29 Apr 2007

To some extent I suspect you are right skidzy. Linksys is not connected though we did try and install linksys (some time ago) as our wireless router but could never get it to work. As a result we do not have a wireless connection.

Some of the old files do exist on the system but we have also had trouble removing them because 'access is denied'...frustrating even under administrator rights.

If this is the problem how do I go about removing these inaccessable files, particularly when there are no references to linksys on add/remove programs?

  skidzy 21:00 29 Apr 2007

Install the software again,then,
Boot into safemode (tapping F8 on startup)and remove the software from add and remove programs or with its own uninstaller.
Then run Ccleaner click here

Hopefully this will tidy up a few obsolete registry entries as well as those redundant DLL's.

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