Rescuing H/D! Help

  rickf 07:58 28 Jun 2003

I have an 80g Seagate 7200 with XP loaded. When I upgraded by changing case,CPU and M/B I thought I could just installed the H/d in the new upgraded system ( Silly me). As I now learnt, XP is tagged to the system it was installed and wouldn't boot up in the new. The H/d would now not allow the jumpers to be switch. Although set as master it is read as slave and of course would not boot up. I can't format it even with Seatools floppy from Seagate. How can I rescue this otherwise perfectly healthy H/D? Has MS screwed up my H/D due to my mistake? Unfortunately, I have to go to work today, yes Saturday, but would be back laterin the afternoon. Any suggestions much apprecaited in the meantime. Thanks.

  Diemmess 09:21 28 Jun 2003

Just guessing...........

Can you not boot from a startup floppy for say Win98 to reach the DOS prompt and then run your Seatools (I being un-informed would run FDISK) and have a fresh start from there.

Surely it is possible to side-step XP early on because once XP starts to load you are in trouble indeed.

  DieSse 09:35 28 Jun 2003

The hard disk wouldn't allow the jumpers to be switched??? - What, it actually prevented you?? -

Check the way you have set the jumpers again, you must have made a mistake. Are you sure you haven't set it to cable select, and put the drive on the middle connector of the cable - this would make it show as a slave.

So .. get the jumpers/etc correct, then boot up with Disk Wizard and partition/format as you please.

XP does not, and cannot do anything to the drive that Seatools and Disk Wizard cannot override when booting up.

  zanwalk 10:09 28 Jun 2003

Your problem is that you have changed the motherboard, and so XP no longer recognises the system as it has the incorrect drivers loaded, the only difficulty you should have with XP is that you may well have to reactivate it.

If you follow advice given above, you will be ok.

  barrie_g 12:05 28 Jun 2003

to format the drive boot from the xp cd and do a clean reinstall (advanced option) and format through the install procedure.

  Rose 12:14 28 Jun 2003

Last weekend I did the same thing as yourself and changed my MB and CPU, then reconnected the old HDD and booted up. I encountered a couple of problems, the first being that Win XP got upset and refused to load until I had reactivated. This I did over the phone without any problem at all. The next thing I did was to delete all the old chipset/MB drivers and install those that came on the CD that accompanied the new MB. The system is now running perfectly.

  professor 12:53 28 Jun 2003

ive got a 60GB Seagate Barracuda ATA100 7200rpm 2mb cach and using standard microsoft setup it formats down to 55GB i was wondering is there anywhere i could got to get some software that would format it better to give me a bigger disk size? say from 55gb upto 58gb


  Megatyte 13:33 28 Jun 2003

You'd do better starting a new thread for this.


  rickf 16:04 28 Jun 2003

Thanks people. I'll try again but if my memory serves me correctly, I had done all the right things and it just would go pass windows bootup. On starting up it was recognised as slave. I have the jumpers set correctly and I have not connected it to the middle connector. Will come back at some point but thanks for suggestions so far.

  rickf 17:14 28 Jun 2003

Thanks again. You made me recheck my jumper settings. In my haste I had changed it to slave and that's why it would not boot up. Its OK now and booting into Windows XP nicely.

  DieSse 19:42 28 Jun 2003

Formatting is formatting - you can only do it one way, and you get what you get - that's it!.

I get 74Gb off an 80Gb - so 55 off a 60 sounds about right.

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