Rescuing Data from Hard Drive

  frankieman 12:10 27 Apr 2003

I am having problems with my HDD, I got an error message on boot-up and could not get into my O/S.

I put a start-up disk in hoping to copy files across using Sys C: at the Dos prompt command, so as to hopefully recover personal data from the HDD
but it did not like this.
Ran a Scan Disk and it found a problem in the directory which it could not fix.
At the C: prompt I typed in dir but it showed no directories.
Is my HDD had it??
Or can I rescue personal data from it still??

  AndySD 12:19 27 Apr 2003

What is you Operating System and the make of hard drive.

Dont write it off yet but it may be a good idea to get a second hard drive to reinstall the O/S unless the pc is under warenty

  Ashar 12:31 27 Apr 2003

If you have yet not found the solution please
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With Best Regards

  AndySD 12:39 27 Apr 2003

Hmmm I thought thats what we did here..... or at least that seems to be what I have been doing for 2+ years now here.

  frankieman 12:52 27 Apr 2003


I was running Win98 O/S
My make of HDD is a Westrern Digital
Caviar 32500
warranty has ran out just want to hopefully rescue
pesonal data if possible some way..
will have a look on the link that Ashar recommends
but if you can help any further would appreciate it.

  AndySD 13:16 27 Apr 2003

Western Digital have there own Disk Checking software that you run from a floppy click here its called Data Lifeguard Tools.

If this cant fix the problem you should try connecting the drive as a slave either on another pc of to your pc after you have installed another drive and loaded the operating system. You may be able to access the disk from there.

Do you have the full 98 cd or a restore disk?

  frankieman 13:47 27 Apr 2003


Will look at this site and perhaps try this HDD as a slave on another PC. Have to go out for a while so hope to continue on this topic when I get back.

  frankieman 19:47 27 Apr 2003


Looked at that site you recommended they don't go into recovering data on HDD.

Would like to try your other method of trying this HDD as a slave on another PC, but do not have the documentation on setting the jumpers correctly to slave on the HDD..


  AndySD 07:51 28 Apr 2003

No but it does check the Hard Drive and can fix some problems.

When you take the drive out the info will be on the top of it or click here

  DieSse 11:01 28 Apr 2003

click here

click here

click here

click here

All the above links may help - but all will depend on you putting the drive into another working system to access it.

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