rescueing hard drive

  goonerbill © ® 00:36 06 Jan 2006

have somehow lost access to one of my hdd after a clean install due to software problems (not on the drive in question). drive is seen in bios and windows xp pro but not in my computer. have tried a recovery prog from the net (forget name at the moment) and it can see everything on the drive but to recover stuff from the drive, will cost $130 approx. for the full program.

the drive is not seen as a logical drive only physical. does any one know of a free program that will be able to recover all the data from the drive, as its the one used for storing all important info on, photos and backups.

thanks in advance

  igk 00:43 06 Jan 2006

How about removing the drive in question and putting it in a friends pc as slave,then you could access and copy your files...

  AndySD 01:09 06 Jan 2006

Try right clicking on My Computer then choose manage then disk manager. Is the drive shown there?

  goonerbill © ® 14:07 06 Jan 2006

hi igk. drive is slave on my system.

hi AndySD. yes drive is there and is showing in the bios. in disk manager it is being read as healthy (active) but when right clicking on drive to asign a drive letter (no letter asigned to drive) the option is greyed out. everything appears to be correct looking at the listings on the other 2 drives (1 sata, 1 ide) in disk manager but cannot find any way to gain access to it.

any one else have any ideas or software to recommend.

cheers all

  goonerbill © ® 16:41 06 Jan 2006


  keith-236785 16:57 06 Jan 2006

get yourself a live linux cd such as Knoppix, boot with the cd in and once up and running you should be able to access the second drive and copy the files over to the main drive. not curing the problem but at least it will recover your data. you can even burn to cd if needed.

Check in disk management that there are no other partitions on the drive in question, you wont be able to assign a drive letter while no primary(logical) partition is set.

if you had a copy of Partition Manager then you might be able to do something. Ranish partition manager was available free of charge but i have not used it so cant comment on its suitability.

click the downloads link on this site and goto Utilities / Hard Disk and goto page 3 ranish is near the bottom.

good luck

ps. if you do download knoppix, you would then need to burn the ISO image to a cd to get the live cd. (by burn, i dont mean simply copy it to needs the image writing to a cd with cd burning software such as Nero to create the disc)

  jack 17:20 06 Jan 2006

Take a look at Bad Copy Pro this handles all media
Free look/see to see if it works about £20 for release code.

  igk 20:35 06 Jan 2006

"hi igk. drive is slave on my system."
Ok what I'm trying to put over here is try it on another computer as there may be a software/os problem on yours...

  goonerbill © ® 23:42 06 Jan 2006

sorry igk, forgot to finish replying to your posting before replying to AndySD (blame me little one for that).

thanks paperman27, mentioning partition manager in your posting, reminded me that i have partition magic 8 laying around somewhere, loaded that and managed to get the drive back and running with everything intact. cheers

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