Rescue data from laptop HD with USB HD enclosure

  kilkerr1 14:45 07 Mar 2006

Hello all. I really hope someone can help.

My laptop died recently and I'm trying to retrieve the data from the laptop's hard drive. I bought a USB hard drive enclosure to connect the laptop hard drive to my desktop PC. Removed the laptop HD, put it in the enclosure, all works fine, and I see the laptop HD as a USB drive on my desktop PC. But...when I try to open the My Documents folder from the laptop HD it says access is not allowed becuse it's protected. On the laptop (running XP Home) when it was working, we did have two password protected user accounts, so I'm assuming it's the user account password.

Does anyone know how it's possible to get in and get my old files now that it's not allowing me in because its security is so good..? I'm getting really desperate!

Many thanks.

  howard63 15:02 07 Mar 2006

it may work - try setting up a user account with the name of that used on the laptop.

  ventanas 15:16 07 Mar 2006

Won't work. Similar thread click here

  kilkerr1 15:28 07 Mar 2006

Thanks for answers, but oh. my. god. Is there really no hope? ventanas, I've tried the right-click on the folder, no joy. Re. this SID number - it wouldn't be recorded anywhere like the text file NTUSER.dat, would it..? Stupid question, I guess...I need a miracle here...

  ventanas 15:36 07 Mar 2006

Sorry, just seen you're using Home, so there will not be a security tab, unless you restart in safe mode. This can be a nightmare, because the My Docs folder is included in the user profile you no longer have access to. Can I ask what file system the drive is formatted to, ntfs or fat32?

  De Marcus™ 15:42 07 Mar 2006

Some options here click here

  kilkerr1 15:43 07 Mar 2006

Yup, am using Home, and I was a little confused by the lack of Security tab..! Blimey, I really can't remember what file system it is. Which, ideally, would I want it to be, or is there no 'better' scenario with this particular nightmare? Ultimately, if you coud give me pointers for file both systems, I could try both, that would be great.

  ventanas 15:49 07 Mar 2006

I think your best bet for now is to restart in safe mode and see if you can change the permissions. I'm just wondering if an external drive will work though, with just a barebones system.

The best way to avoid this is to create a copy of My Docs outside your profile, ie in the root of C, and share it.

To see the file system, right click the drive in explorer and choose Properties. It's under File System, near the top.

  kilkerr1 15:50 07 Mar 2006

Thanks De Marcus. I am using XP Home, though, and I don't seem to have the same options as in those instructions, i.e. My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View is fine, but I don't have Advanced options etc. If I've followed what ventanas has been saying, to assess the Security tab I would have to boot up in safe mode to follow your linked instructions, is that right..? Should I start in safe mode and then try those instructions, does anyone think?

  kilkerr1 15:53 07 Mar 2006

Thanks again ventanas, I will try in safe mode and see what the Security tab tells me, and see whetehr De Marcus' instructions can be followed that way.

I had also wondered whether actually fitting the old laptop HD into my desktop using an adaptor would make any difference, as opposed to having it as an external USB drive, i.e. could I boot from it and...oh, something or other, I don't know, my brain is melting..!

  ade.h 16:04 07 Mar 2006

Whatever the connection method, you have to take ownership of the privacy-enabled folders. I have to do this quite often when getting data from another disk; click here for a similar thread.

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