A request to all forum members...

  powerless 17:46 02 Mar 2003

Straight to the point download the following programs click here and click here


I’m posting this for the benefit of every forum member here. We have many different members in here who bring a whole lot of knowledge from all aspects of the “Computer”. Its very rarely I see a problem go unsolved, even if the number of posts are in there 40’s.

BUT! We can only offer help if we know about your Computer system.

For Example…

Q. Yeah my computer just doesn’t shut down how can I solve it thanks?

A. What operating system do you have? What is the computers specification? Any new hardware – software? Any error message…The list goes on…

Q. Where would I find out what operating system I have and my computer specification? No new hardware – software and no error messages.

If you do not know what is inside your computer then the people who wish help you have to know a few things before they can offer help. It helps to narrow down the possibilities of an answer that will solve the problem you are having.

I suggest that every forum member download the following program (as a minimum) if you are unsure as to what you have in your computer.

The program is called “Belarc Advisor” and it is free to download if you click here it’s only a 609KB download and it is well worth it. This program 99.99% of the time will tell us what we need to know.

It will look at your computer and present to you what is inside your computer within your Internet Explorer. It shows you a lot of stuff about your system…

If you could post the following information under each heading it would be a great help (when you post a question).

Operating System

Main Circuit Board (This is also known as your motherboard)


Memory Modules



This should be enough to go on to help solve a problem.

There is another program that is available called “aida32” and it’s also free to download if you click here this is a larger download but will go to the heart of your system and reveal more detailed specifications. Downlaod the "AIDA32 - Personal System Information" version.

p.s. i ask and offer help :-)

Just hope this is worth it.

p.p.s. If you've already downlaoded these programs or know what it inside your computer. congradulatios ;-)

  spikeychris 17:51 02 Mar 2003


  DieSse 17:55 02 Mar 2003

Excellent advice - AIDA32 is particularly good, as it often identifies precise models of hardware, whereas Belarc tends to only say how the system is currently set.

I've used AIDA32 lots since I found it, on clients systems where I need to find out what hardware was fitted, often for boards that have no proper identification.

  -pops- 18:02 02 Mar 2003

Very laudible, Powerless, but will it work?

Unfortunately there will continue to be requests coming on with the most abstruce titles and equally abstruce text to their threads, who then wonder at the lack of response. Just as there will be an ever continuing number of threads from people who have "lost everything" due to something or other failing and having no back up. I'm not the backup king but perhaps when he's back tomorrow, he could put a thread down on that subject again.


P.S I do have Belarc and Aida and AVG and Outpost and Spywareblaster and Spywareguard and Ad-aware and Spybot S&D and Startpageguard and RegistryProt. (Is there any room for any programs?) I do regular backups as well{;-))


  powerless 18:10 02 Mar 2003


If it reduces the number of times i keep asking what o/s etc then i'll consider it a success.

  SDJ 18:11 02 Mar 2003

I always use this forum when needed and admit that I do browse it almost everyday to see if I can answer something as an attempt to give something back following all the times my ass has been saved.

I do feel though that this forum would benefit in allowing each member to specify their specs (on registration) which would then in turn feature as a footnote to each thread.
Surely this would go some way in helping people to assist those in need of help in the first place?

  Djohn 18:27 02 Mar 2003

Powerless, excellent advice! We are all willing to spend many hours helping, but if people will do as you have suggested, it will save many messages back and forth and can cut a 50 post thread down to 10 or 15.

This will not only make it easier for the helpers to read, but will also free up the site, making things work quicker and smoother all round. J.

  powerless 18:30 02 Mar 2003

Let the punters see it...

I hope it works.

  deepblueuk 18:38 02 Mar 2003

I know this all seems logical to you but i think what a lot of people forget is that, a lot of the people posting on here don't know what you need to know ie. o/s, processor, memory. There complete novices and thats why this site is so respected.I know a little but there are people who no nothing merely switching on there computer's and accessing the net is a major achievment, so when they have a problem they seek YOUR advise please be patient with us we are frantic a lot of the time when we post, wanting are computer's not to solve major scientific experiment, just to log on to yahoo and play games or chat with our friends, I know it must be very hard for You experts to cope with us at times but We really do appreciate it. We don't post silly questions we post because something that worked no longer works the way we understand it to and we know that with your help we can fix it. From everyone who as forgot to mention there o/s,processor type and memory in there first post i apologise. BUT PLAESE REMEMBER WE REALLY DO APPRECIATE ALL THE HELP WE RECIEVE FROM EVERYONE HERE.

Your Thankfully Deep and all the other none experts.

  powerless 18:48 02 Mar 2003

I know what you are saying. Most of the time i can tell if the postee knows what the hell they are talking in the way they ask there question.

I try to reply in a non technical way to make it easy for both of us. The most commonly asked questions are. "what o/os?" etc etc...

The orignal postee comes back and asks "whats an o/s"

and so it a continues and evenatually you have enough information to actally offer advice to solve a problem.

Thats why i posted this. If you just copy and paste the information under the heading as i say it will be so helpful. The ground work has been done and all posted with the actual problem that needs help with.

I'm not an expert though.

  spikeychris 18:50 02 Mar 2003

Nice response ~~~~

As I wipe a tear from my face I say,...if the problem didn't we'd invent it..



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