Repositioning picture on label - m/s Word 2007

  sheila.weston 17:06 29 Nov 2010

I have made a page of labels in word 2007 and inserted a little xmas motif at the left-hand side. I can't find how to position this so that it is a few mm away from the edge and half-way up the label vertically.

I can select the image and then go to the positioning option. I select the 'Position in Middle left with square text wrapping', but the image stays solidly in the top left. I have tried various options under the 'advanced layout' option, but don't seem to find the right box to change.

I should add that I *can* move the picture by dragging it, but would prefer to be able to set a standard position.

Thank you for any help.

  robin_x 19:32 29 Nov 2010

I many years of using Office, I never used Word for much more than simple letters.
So I can't help you with that.

But I did use Excel a lot.

I have printed labels and business cards relatively easily with it.
Takes a bit of trial an error and dummy (empty)rows and columns to get right spacing.

I find Excel formatting and resizing easier (more comprehensive than Word). Of course it may just be my lack of practice.

While I used Avery Label paper, i never got round to trying their templates and software.
They seem to have that for Word.

Maybe it will be useful.
click here

  Woolwell 23:09 29 Nov 2010

I find this is a very fiddly thing to do but perhaps I'm doing it wrong. I find getting picture positions in Word a pain. However I suggest that try right clicking on the picture and then text wrapping - more layout options - on the text wrapping tab choose anything but in line with text and then on the picture position tab you can set its absolute position vertically and horizontally in relation to the margin.

  Woolwell 18:53 01 Dec 2010

Did it work?

  Woolwell 18:53 01 Dec 2010

Did it work?

  Woolwell 18:53 01 Dec 2010

Double post!

  sheila.weston 10:56 03 Dec 2010

Many thanks, Woolwell. Sorry for the delay in repying, but I don't get an email, although I have ticked the 'copy to my mail box' option. The Forum Manager doesn't seem to know why, either.

Yes, I have sorted it out now, having already tried the various wrapping options. I was able to drag the image box and it stayed where I put it.

  sheila.weston 11:03 03 Dec 2010

Thanks for the website link, Robinofloxley. Might be useful next time.

  sheila.weston 12:18 03 Dec 2010

I have just found an article about making labels etc in issue 333 of Computer Active. Also, by selecting insert>clipart> in Word 2007, one can access a whole collection of graphics to add to labels.

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