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  Graham. 09:30 12 Mar 2008

In Outlook Express, if I forward an email I have received, and that person replies, does that reply only come to me and not the originator?

I would like to arrange it so the reply just goes to the originator. The person I forward to does not know how to do this, so I have to faff about forwarding the reply.

  johnnyrocker 09:36 12 Mar 2008

it is the recipients choice as they can select reply or reply all, firs option will go to the sender and reply all will go to all the addresses on the list.


  Technotiger 09:38 12 Mar 2008

The person you forward it to simply has to delete whatever is in the To: Address line, and then type in the correct address for delivery. Then click on Send ........

  Gongoozler 09:40 12 Mar 2008

As far as I can remember (I've been using Thunderbird for the past few years) the reply will go only to the forwarder who is after all the person sending the forwarded email. To send an email to the originator you probably need to right click on that person's name in the forwarded email and there is probably an option to compose an email to that person.

  Technotiger 09:41 12 Mar 2008

PS - forgot to mention that I don't use OE, so just want to add that in order to change the To: address, the person you forwarded it to may need to first move the email to the Drafts Folder, make the change of address and then Send direct from the Drafts Folder.

  Graham. 09:45 12 Mar 2008

Thanks, I think that your suggestion of using Reply All is the easiest solution. I will tell the lady concerned, she will not even have realised what is happening.

Thanks for the other suggestions.

  johnnyrocker 09:48 12 Mar 2008

glad to have been of help dont forget to tick as resolved.


  hastelloy 09:53 12 Mar 2008

Reply All won't do what you want on a forwarded email as the only address it can reply to is yours (the sender), unless you have forwarded to the originator as well. Otherwise Technotiger's posts have the answer.

  johnnyrocker 09:53 12 Mar 2008

not so in oe


  Graham. 10:03 12 Mar 2008

Found this click here

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