replacing win95 with win98se.

  patchiesdad 18:42 27 Apr 2003

I have 3 desktops in my home. One runs XP, one Win98SE and the third Win95.My problem is my network does not recognise the Win95 machine. Is it possible to replace the OS with Win98se? I do not require any of the applications on this machine, so am wondering if I can install Win 98SE on top of Win 95. The machine in question is an HP Vectra VE with a 133 mhz pentium pro chip. I have made an attempt at this. I made a 98SE boot disk on my 98se machine, and used it on the 95 machine in conjunction with the 98se CD ROM. I thought that was too easy, and so it proved. It didnt work. Any advice ladies and gents?

  AndySD 18:51 27 Apr 2003

It should be possable but you will need to format the hard drive first unless the 98 cd is an upgrade cd.

  Gandalph 18:57 27 Apr 2003

I just ran win 98se straight over the top of Win 95. No problems, it's been running OK for two and a half years now. No reformatting or anything. It will save your Windows 95 to a file in case you want to go back. It saved my Cab files in a Folder on C:\Win95.

  Valvegrid 19:12 27 Apr 2003

As andy says, reformat the disk.
With the computer off, put the bootdisk in, switch the computer on. You get a menu with some options, select the one that says start without CD support. When its finished type Format C: at the promt, the computer will remind you that all data will be distroyed, type Y, it will then format the drive. When its finished type fdisk, this will allow you to set the drive as the primary DOS drive, you can if you wish split the drive into two drives with a partition if you have a large drive, if its less than 2G I would leave the whole drive as the primary.
Once you have done this switch the computer off then back on with the bootdisk still in the A drive, in the menu this time select start windows WITH CD ROM support, this will let the computer install the generic CD ROM diver. When you get to the A:\ promt, type D:\setup.exe, D:\ should now be your CD ROM, windows should then install.
Its best to do a clean install of Windows 98SE because WIN95 uses the FAT16 file system, wereas WIN98SE uses FAT32 file system which makes better use of the available disk space.
Hope this helps.

  Valvegrid 19:17 27 Apr 2003

Don't forget to put the WIN 98SE cd in the drive when you type D:\setup.exe!!
I know it might be teaching you to "suck eggs" but it's suprising how it catches you out if you don't do that :-)
Good luck.

  Megatyte 20:11 27 Apr 2003

No need to re-format. 98 will go straight over the top regardless of whether it's a full version or upgrade. If you don't need to retain any programs/files then of course it's preferable to clean install, but if you want to keep everything intact then just drop your 98 disk in and follow the prompts.


  spuds 20:37 27 Apr 2003

When I converted from W95 to W98se, I just loaded the W98se on top of the W95. It worked fine for me, and it is still running fine today.

  patchiesdad 21:37 29 Apr 2003

OK people. I've now got win98se on my computer, but it will only let me have 2 or 16 colours and the only screen resolution I have is 640 by 480. The slider for changing this is inactive. I have exhausted my feeble knowledge on this, and hope some kind person out there can help. All the drivers are reported as working ok in the hardware profiles. The copy of windows I am using is legitimate, BTW.

Sorry to re open this topic after I thought we had it cracked, I just hope there is a simple solution, if there is such a thing in Microsoft Land!

  AndySD 10:37 30 Apr 2003

Its the graphics card drivers .... see if you can find the make/model of the card (start by looking on the HP web site click here ) and post here or find updated drivers.

  Digital 10:49 30 Apr 2003

If you look on the back of the card you should find a set of figures printed. These are the FCC ID code. Note them & then go to click here & enter the code as directed. This will tell you the maker, then you can look for their web site & hopefully download the drivers.

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