Replacing Vista,formatting & replace with XP Pro

  spiders 18:24 20 Dec 2007

I have just purchased a pc with vista pre installed.I have a NEW disc with win XP Professional edition which I would prefer to have on the new machine.It currently has a 250 Gig hard drive. What would I have to do kinda step by step, to remove Vista, reformat the HD into say C,D, and E drives,(250Gb too big as 1 drive.)and also load win XP Professional back on?.. This is not a copy, but a newly purchased XP Pro disc. I have reformatted a PC "YEARS AGO" but then I had the floppy to install in the A drive, whats the proceedure now?....Thanks in advance.

PS hope u all av a good xmas... :-)

  GEEKSTA 18:28 20 Dec 2007

just asking, how come you want to come back to xp?
Beacause ive known quite alot of people who have done the same.?

  MAJ 19:14 20 Dec 2007

Either I'm suffering from deja-vu, or this exact question was answered earlier?

  spiders 19:48 20 Dec 2007

Hi Geeksta.Have heard that there are so many probs with Vista and it not being compatable with many programmes etc.....Maj> the question wasn't answered or I wouldn't have asked again would I??.TRACKRAT was VERY helpful,and even included links*thanks*,but I also asked how to split the HD into c,d,and e, drives once formatted.That's why i rephrased the question putting the emphasis on the size of the drive being to big at 250Gb....
Thanks all.

  User-312386 20:02 20 Dec 2007

No need to split the HDD

Just laod XP

Install SP1 or SP2 and it will recognise the correct size of the drive

  Fingees 20:24 20 Dec 2007

I'm surprised you want to change baack to XP.

Lets face it, It will soon be an obsolete system compared to Vista, and up and coming operating systems.

If you've got a new system fitted with Vista, Why step backwards. The only trouble with vista, was trying to use it on old machines, as it lacked drivers etc.

I changed to Vista, when it first came out, and wouldn't go back.
People only have trouble because like everything else, they don't like change, so can't take time to get used to it.

Anyway, whatever you decide.

Happy Christmas

  SouthernComfort 21:02 20 Dec 2007

How can XP be obsolete when SP3 is out next year and
it's going to be supported to at least 2014 ?
Vista will be old hat by then !

If people are going back to XP then that suggests Vista has problems


  Demora 21:02 20 Dec 2007

I used a programme called DBan(Free) to Nuke the hdd. Then loaded winXP from scratch. I then Used Acronis to partition the drive to what I wanted.

I liked vista BUT I couldn't put up with the security and the fact that my Paintshop pro and other software wouldn't run properly. And I had other issues with it.


  Quiller. 21:16 20 Dec 2007

XP drivers for the computer.

Download them and put them on disk or on a usb stick.


fairly similar to Demora.

Download and burn to disk a free ISO of kill disk for dos. click here

start the computer with the kill disk in and follow the prompts. Make sure you zapp the correct disk:-)

Then restart the computer with the XP disk in and follow click here

When the installation of XP gives you the option of which disk you wish to put it on, i.e. C.

Press D to delete the partition and confirm the deletetion.

The next page will give you the option to create a partition of the total hard drive space. You can now select the size you want C to be.

Finish the installation.

When you have windows fully up and running you can create the other partitions o the hard drive with windows disk management.

  spiders 21:25 20 Dec 2007

wow what have I started here? lol.. Thanks anyway guys for ALL input. And especially for advice on how to format/killl/nuke the HDD,and how to partition the HDD.Thanks for that,I just presumed it HAD to be partitioned from the outset,I had no idea extra drives could be created later.. Very very helpful, thanks for all info and links. You all have a nice Xmas n gr8 New Year..
Phil. :-)

  ventanas 21:41 20 Dec 2007

Have heard that there are so many probs with Vista and it not being compatable with many programmes etc.

Absolute rubbish. There is nothing wrong with Vista. No problems whatsoever. Why on earth take a backward step to yesterdays operating system. If I where you I would take no notice of the scaremongering regarding Vista. It is being done by those who have no idea what they are talking about.

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