replacing the VGA cable on aTFT monitor

  tony-240768 15:31 06 Apr 2003

I have damaged the 15 pin cable on my TFT monitor, i need to replace it but although it has a 15 pin d-sub connector on the Graphics card end it has a pcb mounted plug and socket in the back of the monitor, the monitor is a Packard Bell which i believe is produced NEC, where can i get a lead from?, all suggestions welcomed, thanks in advance.

Can't help with sourcing a new cable complete, but I think I would buy an ordinary VGA cable with D plugs on both ends and cut one end off (with about 6" of cable and cut the TFT one off and join them up? Not very elegant looking but it will be at the back of your PC. (unless of course that its the monitor end thats damaged).


  tony-240768 15:47 06 Apr 2003

Are all vga cables colour coded in the same way ie red to red grey to grey etc

  Installer. 16:05 06 Apr 2003

Where exactly is the cable damaged, and describe the damage please.

  tony-240768 16:10 06 Apr 2003

I have about a metre of cable left intact, its been chewed on by a hamster, if the wires are all coded the same way it will be possible to use whats left.

  Installer. 16:21 06 Apr 2003

Or using a solder on D plug fit this to the end of your "metre of cable" , you may have two use a multimeter to trace the connections. This would be the neatest option, but can you solder?

A good point. I would assume they are. After all a cable manufacturer wouldn't know what monitor the cable was being connected to, and to sell their products they would have to be standardised. Wouldn't they????


  tony-240768 16:36 06 Apr 2003

There appears to be 9 seperate wires, the RGB are easily identified but does anyone know what colour is used for h and v sync, is there any one out there that can identify each wire by its colour, what would be the implications of getting it wrong.

  interzone55 16:40 06 Apr 2003

VGA wiring diagram

click here

hope this helps


  Installer. 16:48 06 Apr 2003

Or here click here scroll down.

  tony-240768 16:53 06 Apr 2003

Thanks, the diagram solves most of my trouble, however still more need to be clarified, what a pain!, my lead has RGB and earths, plus black white orange yellow and grey, we can gues that 2 will be for the H and V sync but what about the others?

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