Replacing a Stereo System with a PC

  Muckleface 21:00 20 Feb 2003


Im in the process of "planning" a new built PC.

I am considering getting rid of my portable television and my stereo system and using my new PC instead.

The main thing Im worried about is that the sound quality and volume will not be as great as a standalone stereo. My stereo at the moment has an output of 360Watts over five speakers (two surround, one centre, and two HUGE).

I have seen the Creative® Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700 speakers set, which is four sourround speakers, a sub, and an amplifier. Would these produce as good and load sound as my current stereo?


  cdb 21:06 20 Feb 2003

It depends on your current stereo set up. Huge speakers don't necessarily mean good sound. I have a 5.1 system on the pc (not sure if it's a dtt2500 or something) but I was more than impressed by the sound it produces even tho I have a very good home cinema set up in the living room. Go for a 5.1 or 6.1 set up not a 4.1 set up as nearly all dvd's are 5.1 or more these days.

  Muckleface 21:13 20 Feb 2003

My current stereo is a Technics SCEH 780 Dolby Pro Logic Mini System which is second only to the DVD version that is available.

Its output is 360W RMS.

If Im not going to get as good sound then Ill keep my stereo, but Id rather save space and money by selling it and using my PC.


  Kyomii 21:22 20 Feb 2003

Its not just the speakers that are important, if you want good sound out of your computer then you need a decent sound card.

Personally, IMHO you can get just as good sound via a pc as you can via the stereo and in some cases better with the right set up of speakers/sound card.

If you want 5.1 sound then you need a soundcard that supports that and also speakers that support it too - you need to look at both not just speakers ;)

  cdb 21:26 20 Feb 2003

technics are normally pretty good, shame it's only prologic tho. PC 5.1 systems are quite cheap and if you can get on with dts sound as well as dolby digital I think you'll be more than happy with it. Alot of the home cinema amp reviews I see rarely rate items good for music and movies, so you'd probably be better keeping the stereo too.

  Irishman 21:40 20 Feb 2003

Why not save the money on a soundcard and speakers and simply plug the new PC into your existing stereo. Best of both worlds and you would probably lose a fortune on the stereo selling it second hand.

  SteevScotland 22:26 20 Feb 2003

Irishman's suggestion is a good one. I have plugged my second PC into my sterio and use it as a jukebox for playing Mp3s. I use my widescreed TV as the monitor and It also doubles up as a DVD player and can record TV onto the hard disk.

Cheers S

  woodchip 22:36 20 Feb 2003

You still need a good sound card, even to do the above

  redelf 00:15 21 Feb 2003

It is not just a simle of question of will a PC sound system sound better than a stereo set-up. It all depends on the specification of your current stereo and the specifications of your planned PC. Even a top of the range soundcard and decent PC speakers will be no match for a top of the range (or even mid-range)separates set-up; the speakers especially will be the single most important factor.
Incidentally, power ratings are not the be-all and end-all; many valve -driven amps have outputs as low as 6 or 8 watts yet sound superb. It is the sound quality that counts, not the power. Best bet is to do what you should do if you were buying a new stereo ; find a shop with something already set up similar to what you want and ask for a listening session - judge with your ears !

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