Replacing onboard display adaptor

  Severn Bore 19:19 20 Jan 2005

The displat adaptor on my PC seems to have given up as I can only get fuzzy multi-coloured lines on my monitor.
Can I just add a new display card to the motherboard, or do I have to do something about the onboard device first please?

  bremner 19:42 20 Jan 2005

You will need to disable the onboard graphics in the BIOS when you install an add on card.

You do not give details of your motherboard but prior to purchase ensure that you have the required slot.

If your machine is old it may not have an AGP slot which is the most common at present. If this is the case you will be limited to a PCI card.

  JonnyTub 19:45 20 Jan 2005

how do you know it's your graphics card and not your monitor?

  Severn Bore 19:52 20 Jan 2005

Thanks Bremner and Jonny tub for speedy responses.
Have tried the monitor with another PC and it is OK, so am presuming it has to be the graphics card. I have no prob with fitting a new card as motherboard has required slots.
Problem is, how do I disable the onboard display in the BIOS if I cannot view the BIOS menu due to having no display?? Bit of a chicken and egg situation.

  pj123 20:21 20 Jan 2005

Severn Bore. you don't need to disable the onboard graphics.

Just install the new graphics card and plug the monitor in to the card. Switch on and it should boot in VGA mode. Install the drivers from the CD which should come with the graphics card.

  Severn Bore 22:25 20 Jan 2005

Thanks pj123. Will give it a try.

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