Replacing old working Hard Drive without problems?

  Lee-262377 12:00 09 May 2005

I have looked through the forum but can't find anything for this specifically so thought I'd check with the people who know.
I have a pcchips 848a motherboard, athlon 2.5 processor, 256MB ram 2700, 333 and 512MB ram 3200, 400. My main hard drive (which I have no problems with) is now very outdated (over 5 years old) it is a quantum fireball 13GB, I recently installed a second 80GB seagate Barracuda as slave (which took some messing about with slave/masters etc but did it ok). Trouble is I am using most of the memory on the fireball and want to upgrade it without having to reinstall winxp pro and save/remove all my files from both drives. Which will be a problem as my second drive has about 60GB of data on it.
Is there any way I can remove the master and replace it without having to reformat and reload everything on my second drive? and if so how.

  Earthworm 12:15 09 May 2005

You will have to reinstall windows on your primary HDD, there's no way around it as far as i know, and windows has to know where everything is to work. you can use windows files & transfer wizard to help you ( START> ACCESSORIES >SYSTEM TOOLS >files & transfer wizard) remove old HDD and install new one, install windows and then using files & transfer wizard place old short cuts etc on new HDD.

  Stowit 12:15 09 May 2005

I'm certain someone will know better, but using Norton ghost (software on a anti virus package)I pluged my new drive in as a slave to my old master & cloned it over (old to new), then swapped the new back to master & removed my old master, & refited the old slave. I was told the master should be the bigger drive if different. You can copy without software, but I can't recall how & it's a lot of messing, I suspect there will be some free ware available somewhere. If not my SystemWorks disc was an OEM & only a tenner from Ebay when I wanted the antivirus, & well worth it.

  jack 12:17 09 May 2005

Take out the new drive you have just installed.
Put in next new drive as a slave and format.
Transfer all stuff in existing primary to the
new drive. reset this to master. remove old
primary[master], put back original 'new slave'
fire em up

  961 12:21 09 May 2005

If you go to the Seagate site you will find software for transferring between hard drives

This is normally used to transfer the data on an old hard drive when you install another but I seem to remember that there are a number of options you can choose, and it may be possible to transfer the o/s to your Seagate drive

You can always free up some space by cleaning your files, uninstalling some programmes that are not used much etc

Since you have bought a Seagate drive you could always go through their faq and e-mail them if necessary for advice

  Number 7 12:25 09 May 2005

What you want to do shouldn't be a problem.

Remove existing secondary drive.

Remove existing primary drive and install as slave.

Put new disk on the master.

Use imaging software to write the image of your existing disk to the new disk.

I did this using Norton Ghost- worked a treat.

There are other programs you can use for a trial period, Acronis True Image is one, I think.

I haven't used Acronis, so wait for more responses.

  Lee-262377 20:37 11 Oct 2005

Right, my new drive is a 160GB seagate barracuda with 8 mb cache (this has caused other issues as XPpro does not recognise drives above 137GB, I went to the seagate site and followed their online guidance to set up the drive. which seems to have worked ok but as FAT32 and not NTFS, is this a problem?)
I then tried to use ghost but it needed a floppy drive for a boot disk (which I didn't have at the time), I have bought and connected (via motherboard) a new floppy drive via large cable but it is unrecognised, I am sure there should b a power supply from either top of case or motherboard but I just cant seem to find it. I am using a PC Chips M848ALU SKT A SIS 748 400 DDR AGP 8x ATA133 6Ch Sound/LAN/USB 2.0 for Athlon (my processor is fully recognised as 2500 athlon) and a deluxworld dalmation ATX case with 350Watt/v power supply. To try and get round this problem, I bought a version of acronis true image 8 and created an image of my current master on CD-R. I installed windows on the slave (new 160 gb drive) but it will only boot if I have the slave (old master) connected as well I get a message stating ARC firmware problems. I tried to recover the settings from the acronis disk via the new drive but it doesnt seem to run as it can't find the image file.
I gotta admit I then tried the transfer files and settings method from windows but that didnt work either.
Can anyone help me with an idiots guide to solving this process its driving me scatty!!!
Oh the one good thing is that currently, my new drive boots up in 20 seconds!!! its wicked

  Strawballs 21:13 11 Oct 2005

you should have a power suppy for the floppy from the PSU there is usually 1 as it is smaller than most of the other power plugs

  Lee-262377 09:38 12 Oct 2005

I checked the idiots guide and I had my 2 cd/dvd drives at highest point in case and cable wouldn't reach which threw me off. Easily resolved that one, its the copying of settings/data etc from old drive to new thats thrashing my brain still!!!!

  961 17:30 12 Oct 2005

Still think the initial job is to use the seagate software to transfer o/s and all files to the new hard disk.

Ghost and NTFS and all the rest can follow later if you wish

The question now is have you still got the complete intact files on the old hard disk. If so, download the seagate software, format the new disk and start again from scratch

It does work. Honestly

  Lee-262377 15:26 21 Oct 2005

Went onto Seagate and downloaded DiscWizard, followed guidelines to xfer files from HD to HD. All worked a treat until I went to boot from new HD, arc firmware problem, difficulties with hardware. Loaded XP on as a last resort (thankfully I kept original disks and files on backup!!) however still same problems with arc firmware.
So bit the bullet and formatted new 160G drive into NTFS, now it works great just one problem. I now have 2 XP operating system choices when I boot up and my old drive (which I xferred settings from) is not recognised by XP, the boot sequence recognises it.
Can Anyone advise me on how to remove the duplicate version of XP and how to get XP to recognise my other HDD?

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