Replacing NVidea GTS 250

  JConcept4 14:59 04 Jan 2012

Hi all

I bought a PC about 2yrs ago for video editing and web designing (flash etc).

The graphics card has died and so I'm looking for a replacement.

This is the oringal spec of the PC:

-- Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz 8Mb Cache, Manufacturer Supplied Cooler, 6Gb DDR3 CORSAIR Triple Channel 1600, 1000GB SATA Hard Drive, 500GB Secondary SATA HDD, , I7 - MSI X58 Pro SLI/X-fire 6400FSB DDR3 2000 x6 X58 chipset, 896Mb GTX260 PCI Express Nvidia DDR DVI, Elite 330 Black Silver Midi Case No Psu RC-330-KKN1-GP, CiT 500W Black Edition PSU, DVD+/- RW - 20X Samsung Lightscribe, 52 in 1 card reader internal 3.5, Integrated Sound Card, Intergrated Monitor Speakers, No printer, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit --

Please can somebody help me buy a new graphics card which will run nicely alongside the other components?

I have seen the below which looks a pretty decent spec but as the machine is now not used as much as it was previously could I get away with something cheaper/lower power?

Thanks for any help


  JConcept4 15:14 04 Jan 2012

Sort wrong title folks

It should be 'Replacing NVidia GTX260'

Not sure where GTS250 came from.

  Ibanez2010 15:43 04 Jan 2012

How about something off this page? You shouldn't need much of a high end video card unless you're gaming.

  JConcept4 16:29 04 Jan 2012


Would the Gt 430 be a good in between card?

  Ibanez2010 16:35 04 Jan 2012

Yes, it's a bit better than the GT220.

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