Replacing Nero CD software with Roxio Easy CD

  kwil 14:02 27 Mar 2003

I do a lot of CD burning and prefer to use Roxio Easy CD software.
However, I'm about to buy a new computer and it comes preloaded with Nero.
Trying to uninstall Nero then replace with Roxio Easy CD is I'm told very awkward. Does anyone know how to do it properly?
I just hate Nero and this 'forced' inclusion would prevent me buying the computer!

  anchor 14:16 27 Mar 2003

I have Win-ME, (don`t know if its the same in XP which you will most probably have), but try this:

open Control Panel, look for "add/remove programmes", look for Nero on the list, select it, and then click "add/remove".

I am sure those forum members using XP, will confirm, or otherwise, this method.

  €dstow 14:18 27 Mar 2003

Nero has its own uninstall in Add/Remove Programs.


  Ellie3009 14:38 27 Mar 2003

Does anyone know if there is a freeware version of Easy CD available for win98?
I only want to use it once, so I dont want to buy!

  kwil 15:02 27 Mar 2003

For Anchor etc
Please note that, from past experience, using 'Add/Remove' doesn't completely remove/uninstall in this case Nero.
This appears also true with other uninstallations.
A dedicated uninstall program is best but I've found, again with Nero, that it just refuses to go completely! The only way was to completely reformat the hard drive and install Roxio. But what a drag just to use Roxio!!
Clearly, what I don't want to happen with a new computer running XP is to be 'forced' to use Nero just because it's pre-loaded. Reformatting the new computer's hard drive? No thanks!...Comments please!

  suzie005 15:06 27 Mar 2003

does summat like a registry cleaner not get rid of the remnants?

  €dstow 15:12 27 Mar 2003

Wouldn't it be easier to insist that Nero wasn't installed on your new machine? If it meant losing a sale by not obliging, they would most likely do this. If they refuse, do you want them as a supplier anyway? Doesn't bode well for future contact with them.


  kwil 16:03 27 Mar 2003

True: but unfortunately this is a package deal and not custom-built.

  bluenote 23:17 27 Mar 2003

you could just try installing roxio cdcreator as well as nero.I know some people have had problems but i have both installed with no problem at all.

  kwil 01:13 28 Mar 2003

Interesting - are you using Windows XP or 98SE?

  cream. 06:22 28 Mar 2003

bluenote is correct if you are using XP.

What you will need to do is get the latest nero update and install it.

You then get the latest update for Roxio \ ecdc and save it in a folder, do not open it yet.

Now install Roxio \ ecdc and it will tell you that your drive is not supported, proceed with install. You then click on the Roxio \ ecdc update and install this. This will remove take two from Roxio, this is normal.

You will then be again asked to reboot. Now you will be able to burn with either software. I have had the choice for over 6 months and it works well.

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