Replacing Motherboard + RAM, CPU and graphics card

  Danny Barnard 12:34 07 May 2009

Hi there I feel it's about time I upgraded my PC. With a new motherboard and the rest above. I am currently using a ASUS P5SD1-FM2/S which is size AMX. An intel pentium 4 3.00 GHZ (although that doesn't really matter as I'm replacing that too) and a Radeon 9250 (ancient!) graphics card. I rather stupidly rushed into upgrading my PC and brought a new Graphics card a Ge-Force 9600 GT ( respectable) It said on the pack it supports PCi-Express with my Motherboard has one slot of but I suspect it doesn't and I'll need a PCI Express slot 2.0. Besides I want to improve my motherboard anyways. I would like my new motherboard to support a fairly modern processor architecture. And modern versions of RAM (ideally cheaply). I really don't want to get a new hard drive and reformat it and I am aware replacing motherboards with pre-formatting hard-drives is a Pain! My Hard drive is a Samsung SP2504C if that helps as well. I'm not really sure whether my mother board uses SATA or not as I'm not completely clear what is. And if replacing my motherboard CPU RAM and graphics card could mean I could change to it. Does anyone know of any good ( but fairly cheap) combination of devices I could buy which would be both compatible with my hard drive and power supply/ CD player. My power supply is also 550W supporting ATX 12V. Also can someone explain to me what SATA is? its to do with the connections to my motherboard I think. Thanks Danny

  Quiller. 13:42 07 May 2009

The Samsung SP2504C is a SATA hard drive.

Look at bundles like this click here to replace your system though the PSU may be a bit o the low side. You could consider a bundle in a case click here. You would then add your drives and cards. just check the number of SATA and IDE connections and make sure the motherboard has a PCI-e slot for your graphics card.

If you want any confirmation, post back.

  jack 14:10 07 May 2009

Replacing that amount of kit would be better priced if it came wrapped in a new case.
IMHO it time to start over.

  Danny Barnard 17:45 07 May 2009

Hmm ok can I ask another question with my motherboard a ASUS P5SD1-FM2/S and processor a Intel Pentium it has one PCI-e slot so I tried placing my graphics card in there but it doesn't work? The fan keeps booting up and going off again. Is there any compatibility issues I haven't thought off?

  Danny Barnard 17:46 07 May 2009

Its Intel Pentium 4 3.00GHz

  Danny Barnard 17:50 07 May 2009

I think I might of got it it says on the side sneekily as a recomended requirement a PCI express 16X slot but it says the phrase PCI express or PCI express 2.0 compliant motherboard. I dont have a PCI express 16X slot. It also says IDE/Hard Drive or Serial ATA Hard drive u said I had SATA hard drive could that be it?

  Quiller. 21:50 07 May 2009

motherboard does not have a PCI-e 16X slot for your new graphics card. It has an 8X AGP slot and the old type PCI slots.

The card will work with either an IDE or a SATA hard drive.

A IDE hard drive is the older type of hard drive.

A SATA hard drive is the new type of hard drive.

  Danny Barnard 23:36 07 May 2009

Thanks! It's always good to know what the problem is! I think I'm gonna get one of the motherboard bundles, as I already have a case. Just a quick question when I get the new mother board, processor + RAM set is there any danger in trying to see if I can run it with my current hard drive? Because I think I'll try and run it with my current one and if I get combatability issues I'll get a new one. Would this cause any harm to the motherboard if I tried this? Also my current motherboard I think is an ATX dimension standard a lot of the bundles the cheaper ones are micro ATX. I'm not sure about the size standards but would one of these sizes fit in an ATX I suppose I could always drill holes if things are too bad...

  phono 01:42 08 May 2009

If you mean that you are going to try and use the hard drive with the presently installed OS it is unlikely to work unless the new motherboard has the same chipset as the old one, VIA, for example, use a unified driver architecture so in theory if both motherboards had VIA chipsets your already installed OS may work but there are no guarantees.

If you intend to wipe the drive and reinstall the OS there should be no reason why it will not work but if your current HD is SATA 1 and the new motherboard is SATA 2 you will lose any potential speed gains that a SATA 2 drive would offer.

Having said that I do not know if you would, or even could, actually notice any difference.

  jack 08:25 08 May 2009

I too many years ago ,swapped bits around- designed new computers, long before the PC. is the bussiness they are to day.
Designs and specifications change almost weekly,
The legacy of backward compatibility and legacy hardware has long gone - things move too quickly for that.
Therefore please accept that unless you are a pure hobbyist who wants muck around trying things,
the only real way forward to to start with a clean sheet an acquire, or build from the ground up.

  Danny Barnard 08:46 08 May 2009

Hmm yeah I think I am being too hope full with keeping my current hard drive. I'd rather not buy a bundle in a case though cos I can't see the real difficulty in buying a motherboard bundle cos wouldn't putting that in be rather simple? The PSU and case which all I see is all you get extra is costing me like £50. Seems bit wasteful seing as I've already gt them. Are there combatability issues with power supplies? I havn't really thought about that. Do all motherboards take the same connections for power?

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