replacing mobo will hard drive with XP boot up

  bigboab y 14:36 13 Sep 2007

Friend asked me to fix his ADVENT 3316 which wouldnt start.Easy peasy I thinks ... new PSU.. no joy .. sometimes the cpu fan spins for about 4 seconds then nothing else happens. I ASSUME the mobo is terminal.(mibbe someone can enlighten me on that given whats happening above).However,if it is the mobo,I can get one on Ebay fairly cheap. My real question is,when I fit the existing hard drive into the "new" mobo,will it boot to the XP HOME which is already on it,or is there some jiggery pokery I need to do. Thanks in anticipation

  keef66 15:34 13 Sep 2007

If it's an identical mobo you may get away with it. Failing that, a repair of Win XP may be sufficient. If that doesn't work you're looking at reinstalling the OS, in which case it would be worth hooking up the HDD to another pc to retrieve any data / files / photos etc first.

  skidzy 15:45 13 Sep 2007

If only replacing the mobo and using the original harddrive loaded with xp,you should be fine.
Make sure you run the mobo driver disc.

Personally from what mobo's go for on Ebay,i would buy a new boxed one from someone like

I often buy socket 478 mobo's from Ebuyer and find only a few pounds difference than Ebay prices.

The one little problem you may have when fitting the new may need to reactivate windows via a phone call to Microsoft,apart from that,you should be ok.

  norman47 16:33 13 Sep 2007
  bigboab y 17:23 13 Sep 2007

Good stuff guys/gals .. but that link Norman is a bit much for my tiny brain ..Here's plan "B" for Tommy.. If I put in another hard drive,make it the master and load Windows ME on to it,I should still be able to access the data on my existing hard drive by setting it as the slave,or am I just farting in the wind.If my friend still has the Windows disc,I could probly load that on the master instead of ME.. is this a cunning plan?? or are we all doomed ?? :-)

  skidzy 17:57 13 Sep 2007

Try the new mobo first and the original xp drive.

"If I put in another hard drive,make it the master and load Windows ME "

Are you now actually saying the harddrive is kaput ?

If you want to reclaim the data,i would suggest a usb caddy for the drive,or put the drive into another working computer and connect as slave to reclaim any data.Though if the drive is dead,you may struggle to retreive the data.

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