replacing laptop hard drive help

  shauny36 09:45 10 Sep 2006

have got a advent 7016 laptop that wont boot up or reconise the hard drive so i think the hard drive is nackered but cant find how you open the laptop to check wires and replace hard drive.

  Taff™ 10:18 10 Sep 2006

click here={928982cf-886e-40f4-ac74-c30adf678040}&CatID={6d69a9cc-cdee-4536-b551-1ab775c322d0} and look at the bottom view. Carefully remove the panels and under one of them will be the HDD.My guess is the one right in the middle.

How old is it? There isn`t much you can do except replace the drive but I would run some tests on it first before laying out money. Get a Linux Distro and boot from it then run tests on the HDD.

  Taff™ 10:20 10 Sep 2006

Sorry try this one click here

  Taff™ 10:22 10 Sep 2006

Nope. Take the PC Support link, then select your laptop and navigate using the links to the Hardware list. Select the Case View and you`ll see the page I was referring to.

  cowboy62 10:57 10 Sep 2006

i have a laptop on ad to replace the drive there is a panel on the botton which u just remove and take the hard drive out and replace it be for u do that i suguest u boot the system using a windows disk and check if it needs repartioning to make sure u need a new hard drive

  shauny36 16:35 10 Sep 2006

when i go into the bios it does not reconise the hd even on auto.

also do i just install the windows xp disc.

  DieSse 16:38 10 Sep 2006

One last thing to try - take out the drive and re-insert it firmly a number of times. I've made laptop hard drives work again a number of times like this - all to do with connection problems.

  shauny36 18:08 10 Sep 2006

success wooohooooo thanks everyone.

and thanks diesse,
took your advise and took out hd and blew on terminals and pushed it back in firmly then changed ideo to first boot device and it reconised it coz before it would only let me boot from cd rom.
everything u and running.

cheers just saved about £50

  Taff™ 19:36 10 Sep 2006

Great stuff but start doing a full back up. Call me cynical but this is symptomatic of a failing hard drive. As DieSse says "a number of times like this" - he might be referring to the same drive!

Repeat - how old is the machine?

  DieSse 19:57 10 Sep 2006

*a number of times like this*

I meant on a number of different laptops Ç(three or four, from memory) - and in each case it affected more than just a temporary cure.

I think the issue comes down to laptops getting a bit more "knocking around" than a desktop, so more inclined to suffer connection problems.

  woodchip 20:04 10 Sep 2006

You should not need to open laptop, there should just be two screws on edge or underneath

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