Replacing HDDs

  mjaspey 12:27 18 Dec 2010

I have 2 HDDs, master with OS and slave.
I wish to change these to larger capacity drives.
Thought I could do this by using an external HDD box to transfer data across, however computer won't recognise new drives.
Not being picked up on My Computer but they are visible in Computer Management. I have intialised the drives so they are both online but beyond that I can't access them. The file system for the disks appears to be UDF which is not familiar to me and when I try to format them the message is that they are "write protected".
Any advice out there greatly appreciated.

  woodchip 13:31 18 Dec 2010

Are these drive SATA or EIDE? if You change the What is Slave drive to what you want to use as main OS drive, then Clone the Old C:\ Drive to the new drive you have fitted then Change them round. This will copy it all including the Partition Information, New Drive as No Partition. The other New Drive then needs fitting then look in Disc Management for the new Drive, Right Click My Computer/Properties/Manage/Disc Management, And create a Partition on it and format as NTFS if that is what others are running as Fit the old drive in the External box, Set the Jumper as Master if its EIDE as when in a USB box they should be set to master for PC to see them, then copy or Drag the Contents of the Old Drive to the new one in Windows Explore

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:43 18 Dec 2010

IDE drives in an enclosure must be set to MASTER

  mjaspey 21:49 18 Dec 2010

So far so good
Thank you for the very quick response
Setting drives in enclosure to master now means I can access them. Both have been formatted.
I have copied over everything, including OS, from the C drive to its new larger drive. However, having swapped these 2 drives over the computer does not complete its boot.
The new, larger slave HDD seems to be no bother and all its contents have transfered over from the old drive.
Am I missing something really obvious as to why I can't get the new OS drive to boot?

  bremner 21:56 18 Dec 2010

If you are saying you have simply copied the O/S data then that is why it will not work.

You would need to craete an image of the drive using something like Acronis and then write the image to the new drive

  woodchip 22:18 18 Dec 2010

As above I said Clone the Drive but I also use Acronis that does the same thing where as Clone is free click here

  mjaspey 10:28 20 Dec 2010

Feels like 2 steps forward 1 step back.
Note that this isn't a reflection on the help I'm receiving which is very much appreciated.
I now appreciate the subtle difference between copying/cloning.
Old OS drive now cloned to new drive, however still a problem when booting. Computer looking for winload.exe. Tried to look for this on old disc, as I thought I could manually copy this over, without any success.
Should I repeat the cloning process?

  gengiscant 11:07 20 Dec 2010

You do not mention your Operating system so I'm guessing Vista. This any here

  mjaspey 13:25 21 Dec 2010

Sorry guys, had to accept the defeat. Machine at local shop (always very helpful).
Tried repair disc to correct winload.exe error but couldn't access boot menu to have machine boot from DVD. Both wired and wireless keyboards wouldn't respond once into boot menu.
Thanks for all the advice.
Found some interesting websites with information for future issues and learnt a few things more about the inner workings of a PC - that's what it is all about, isn't it?

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