Replacing Hardrive On Compaq Presario

  stormrider123 13:26 12 Mar 2011

I have a Compaq Presario SR1705UK and currently it only has an 80gb HDD and i want to upgrade the HDD to get more space but im not sure which ones to get becasue there are lots of diffrent types e.g. IDE,
SATA and also what size e.g.3.5" So can anyone help me tell me if something like this:click here
or if not can anyone point me inthe right direction and also i want to know how many HDD bays there are inthis pc because im planning on buying an 160gb one and making it master and wipe the current 80GB one and use it as slave to store data on

any help would be appreciated

  961 13:40 12 Mar 2011

You should be able to download the manual for your computer from here

click here

You'll then be able to open the case and see if you have an IDE or SATA hard drive, depending on the cables as shown in the manual

Get an identical physical size drive of larger volume to fit your computer

Seagate and Western Digital have free programmes to download that will allow you to transfer the files including operating system from your existing drive to the new one. See their web sites for details

Note that it's not necessary to mount the new drive in the computer while you are doing this. Buy a spare cable and just lie the new drive on the desk beside the computer. After the exchange has taken place you can remove the old drive from the computer and replace it with the new one

  961 13:44 12 Mar 2011

New hard drives are inexpensive these days

As mechanical devices they do wear out eventually. You may wish to consider buying a new one with a warranty as it won't be much more than a refurbished one which may already have a load of hours use

  johndrew 13:50 12 Mar 2011

I think your PC has a 3.5" IDE HDD.

There are basically two types of drive, PATA/IDE and SATA and two sizes 2.5" and 3.5".

In most cases laptops are fitted with 2.5" drives and desktops 3.5" drives.

To tell the difference between PATA/IDE and SATA click here and ttp:// As you can see the plugs for each are very different.

Advice on how to do the work click here

  stormrider123 14:05 12 Mar 2011

thanks for the advice but as i was looking inthe basement for a antistatic wristband to open the pc to check i came across an 160gb ide hdd and it matched the pins of the link that johndrew posted so i put it in and boom it worked so now ive got an 160gb master hdd and 80gb slave to store data on
sine i hvnt spent any money for hdd im gonna upgrade graphics card instead

  johndrew 10:38 13 Mar 2011

Well done.

As an aside, provided you earth (contact) the bare metal of the PC chassis before you start poking around the use of an antistatic band generally isn't necessary.

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