replacing a hard drive

  jonnyx6666 18:36 12 Jan 2006

i have two hard drives on my pc, i have recently changed the second to a little 20 gig
( i have a very old pc) the hard drive has been picked up on my computer and is formatted as a fat 32 , but has no files /folders on it, how do i get folders on it , i mean as like my documents ,programme files etc.etc.can anyone help ??? cheers john mac

  Leslie-212488 18:59 12 Jan 2006

john, if you want to store files on the drive, create a new folder, then drag files into the folder. if you just want to backup your files to the drive, you can use nero, and choose the second drive as the destination. or if want to save an image of your c: drive, use treu image or something of that ilk to do that.

Please include your system spec. it helps.

  jonnyx6666 19:10 12 Jan 2006

i am using a packard bell club 90,on windows xp os, on a p 500mhz, 256mb ram, 10gig & 20gig as a slave, i bought it formatted and has been picked up by my pc will try out your response many thanks, johnmac

  wobblymike 19:30 12 Jan 2006

You may wish to check that both your drives are formatted the same - you say your new one is FAT 32 - is your other one the same?

  jonnyx6666 19:44 12 Jan 2006

both hard drives are fat 32 and xp is installed on the first as c: and the second is also fat32

  Thalmus 19:51 12 Jan 2006

First i would convert both your drives to NTFS, to do this click start > run and type "cmd". In the box that appears type "convert c: /fs:NTFS" (where c: is you drive letter)

For your documents you can set the target of "my documents" by right clicking my documents and selecting properites and type the path of where you want it e.g. d:\. This will move all the files that is in "my documents" to the new location and use that as the default.

As for your programs, if they are already installed on c:, you will need to unistall them and then reinstall them on your d:

  jonnyx6666 20:01 12 Jan 2006

thanks thalmus but my pc is working fine i cannot understand why i need to re install programs and convert to ntfs when both my c & d drives are formatted as fat 32 and are detected and working properly, all i want is a duplicate files on my second hard drive, with regards to my documents, etc , i am relatively new to pc`s but have some knowledge, basically i replaced my second hard drive for space reasons ( it was only 2 gig) and i had started to back up music and my dvd librairy so i needed more space all i have done is replace the second one with a 20 gig fat 32 formatted hard drive, many thanks for the help any more ideas woould be appreciated, john m

  Thalmus 20:14 12 Jan 2006

Sorry, looks like i misunderstood the problem.

Are you saying is that all you want to do with your second drive is copy your files onto and have the same on both? i.e. a backup?
Or do you want windows and your programs on yuor first disk and store your documents on the second?

FAT32 is a (very) old file system, NTFS replaced it nearly 10 years ago. All you need to know is that files on a FAT32 file will take up more space than on a NTFS file system and considering you have a limited disk space it would be adviabled to convert

  jonnyx6666 20:21 12 Jan 2006

thanks thalmus, all i want to do is store documents and files etc on the second hard drive, but now you have got me in the mind to convert to ntfs what is involved /? or am i delving into the unknown or is it pretty straight forward ?? regards john mac

  Totally-braindead 20:26 12 Jan 2006

Theres 2 ways to do this, try both and see what you find easier. First one is drag and drop. Start Windows Explorer, its under accessories. Go to your C drive and pick the files you wish to move, left click on them, hold the button down and drag the file to your other hard drive, I presume its D and then release the mouse button. The second way of doing it is similar but you right click on it and goto CUT, then go to your other drive right click on it and goto PASTE that will delete the file from C and put it on the other drive. One thing I should warn you about as I'm not sure how much you know about computers, if its a program you're moving, for example a game, and you move the entire file from one drive to another it may not work. The reason for this is when the game was installed on the C drive the program will have told itself that the files were on the C drive and if you then put it on the other drive it may not find them and then can't run. Hope that explanation makes sense to you.
If its just DATA such as word documents, audio files, video files etc you can just move them no problem. If its an actual program, for example Microsoft Word you wish to move rather than just the DATA then you may need to reinstall it on the other drive from scratch.

  Thalmus 20:29 12 Jan 2006

if all you want to do is store your documents on your d: drive then follow my instructions (regarding changing the target of "my documents") in my first post. If your files are already stored in "my documents" then they will be moved to your d: drive and if you save something to "my documents" it will be stored on your d:

As for converting to NTFS it is also very straight forward, again just follow my instructions in my first post. You will need to do it twice, once for your C: drive and once for your D:

If your not sure or have any more questions then let me know

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