Replacing hard disk

  donki 13:38 24 Aug 2010

Hi guys, I am considering replacing my harddisk for a new Samsung F3, the one I have has been in use sice XP came out and I think is about to give up the ghost. How is it best to clone my harddisk to my new one without having to go through a whole new clean install I really can't be bothered doing that.

Thanks in advance.

  howard64 14:08 24 Aug 2010

I use acronis true image home - this makes an image of your hard drive. When you install it you get an option to make a startup cd. Once done you make a complete backup to an external hard drive. Double check that you can actually read a file within the backup to prove that it is not corrupted. Fit your new drive, do not even formatt it, then boot from your startup cd and attache the external drive. Browse to the backup and click on restore. You will have your new drive running exactly as the old one was when you made the backup.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:29 24 Aug 2010

"the one I have has been in use sice XP came out"

MAke sure you know what kind of drive if its that old it will be IDE (PATA)

the samsung F3 is a SATA isn't it?

  donki 14:53 24 Aug 2010

Cheers guys, no its SATA, I have 2 other drives in the case for my pictures and music just need to know the best way of replacing the drive with my operating system and programs on it without a clean reinstall.

howard I will look that software up, is it exspensive, take it I can back up on an internal drive too?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:59 24 Aug 2010

Acronis click here £18

so good its the only software I have paid for in the last 5 years. :0) No I don't use pirated software just free software.

It will make an image to an internal / external or DVD drive.

  gazzaho 18:34 24 Aug 2010


While I agree to some extent with what you say, using a full disk backup in the way you mention will only work for drives of the same size. I've found if you restore a full disk image from a smaller to larger drive you end up with unallocated space, if you image a 250GB drive to a 500GB one you will have 250GB unallocated space at the end of the process, this isn't a problem with Vista or Windows 7 as disk management can reallocate the unused space, with XP you would need partitioning software if you wanted to use the whole drive. Otherwise you would have to create another partition to get full use of the drive.

Cloning the drive will allow you to copy a smaller drive to a larger one without leaving unallocated space at the end of the process.

  scotty 09:09 25 Aug 2010

I have used the method described in the link and found it very quick and easy:
click here

  woodchip 09:28 25 Aug 2010

If you create a Image using Acronis, it will contain everything on the old drive that also means Partition Information, So it will restore as the old drive. If you fit a bigger drive then there will be Free Drive Space left that you can create a New Partition on using XP Disc Manager.
PS you cannot put the Image on the New Drive and run it from the same drive to restore it. As it would not let you do that. The Image as to be put on another Partition or DVD's. You can Use Acronis to clone the drive to the new one then just change them over

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