Replacing DVD-ROM Drive

  Rogmur 12:16 16 Sep 2005

Hello to all PC Advisor Members

My DVD-ROM drive has packed up and so I am hoping to replace it.
I think it is an IDE model.
Is it a straight forward job replacing DVD-ROM drives?
I am runnig Win98, 128MB, PIII 550, and Quadrant "CineMaster" Hardware Decoder Card.

I would be grateful for any advice.

Many thanks to you all


  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:22 16 Sep 2005

Take the outer case off the computer and the drive will be held in by 4 screws. Unscrew all 4 (usually small nuts with Philips screw seatings) and take the cable off the back of the drive (it may have 2 little plastic securing clips that need to be pushed to the side). The drive should pull out through the front. Reverse the process to put the new drive in taking care to ensure that the cable is correctly fitted as it can be a little fiddly. Reboot the computer and it will find the drive straight away.


  ICF 12:49 16 Sep 2005

Most of the CD/DVD drive manufacture have info on line.You could also get a installation manual with the drive as long as it's not OEM.

Have a look here for example click here

  ICF 12:54 16 Sep 2005

Sorry above link does not work try this onclick here

  ICF 12:55 16 Sep 2005

Sorry the above link does not work try this one

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:05 16 Sep 2005

How to install a front loading drive (with pictures)
click here

  PA28 14:10 16 Sep 2005

At its' simplest it's disconnect it, take it out and slide the new one in. Just make sure that the pin settings on the back are set the same as your old one - slave or master - just make sure it matches. Connect the IDE and power cable to the new drive That's it. No faffing about with drivers or anything else. Boot up and check in Device Manager if you really want to!

  Rogmur 18:24 18 Sep 2005

Many thanks to;

Gandalf, ICF, Fruit Bat and PA28,
(for your advice regarding installing DVD ROM Drive).

I will feel much more confident installing new drive now.

Kind regards


  spuds 18:48 18 Sep 2005

If you are still unsure, have a look > click here click here The last link doesn't show how to fit a dvd, but it covers other interesting computer builds in video form.

  keith-236785 20:20 18 Sep 2005

as you are using windows 98, you may also have an audio cable to remove and re-attach to the new drive. (most newer drives/ operating systems will use digital audio, as such you dont need the cable so dont worry if there isnt one.) but if there is, refit it.

very easy task to do, just dont pull the plugs out with the wires, they can be a little stiff sometimes (little buggers at other times lol)

but if you pull the wires then you risk damaging them.

good luck

  Rogmur 14:32 20 Sep 2005

Many Thanks
to all.



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