Replacing a dead Tiny Hard Drive

  paranomia 18:27 11 Jan 2005

Hi all - has anyone successfully replaced a hard drive in a Tiny machine? I have a colleague's machine here with a collapsed drive. I have a replacement drive but... all the restore info is on a hidden partition on the damaged drive which I cannot get access to. I have tried booting the machine from an XP disc to try copying the hidden partition to the new drive but it says that I have not access to the hidden partition.
Apart from purchasing a new XP disc are there any other options? Losing my rag with this one!! :)

  Jeffers22 18:29 11 Jan 2005

Have either you or your colleague approached Tiny? I would suggest that is the first port of call.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:37 11 Jan 2005

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  GaT7 03:08 12 Jan 2005

Have you tried connecting the 'collapsed' drive as slave in a working PC? (It can also be connected as secondary master or secondary slave.)

You may be able to get the drive working - all depends what is damaged - the OS or the physical part of the drive. If it's the latter, then it's as good as dead. If it's a physical fault, by using the info* in Fruit Bat's link you may be able to get it working for a short while - hopefully long enough to save it's data (*have used them in the past - one of the tips is to place the damaged drive in a fridge's freezer for a while!)

Recently, I was in a similar situation with a friend's old Tiny PC. The hard disk would boot only as far as a blinking cursor or display a non-system disk error. When I connected it as slave to my PC's hard disk everything was visible, so as a precaution I immediately copied the contents of his drive to my mine. To cut a long story short, I somehow managed to get the drive/OS working again - don't ask me how - I wasn't very systematic! Fortunately, whatever the problem, the drive had no physical damage. G

  GaT7 03:12 12 Jan 2005

I assume you are trying a self-repair without approaching Tiny as it is out of warranty? G

  paranomia 12:25 12 Jan 2005

Gremlins are out in force this week!! The fuse in the surge protector on my network blew, but as it took most of the house with it I took a couple of minutes to find it... Anyway, now I'm back on -

The machine is out of warranty and I have tried installing the drive as a slave and it still cannot be read. There are some very mechanical noises from within so I suspect something fairly terminal has happened. I have now tried to restore using the cd - which I was trying to avoid due to the total loss of my colleague's files - but found that the hidden partition is trashed as well. Looks like a quick trawl of the net for a cheap (but legal!!) copy of XP...

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