Replacing a DAT drive

  sam1981 16:08 10 Apr 2003

I've got ain internal Seagate Archive Python 04106 DAT drive in my PDC, but it's playing up. I've cleaned it, rebooted the machine, upgraded the formware, etc... but no luck.

Now I've also got a spare DAT drive in another machine that isn't used. I'd like to swap them over but I'm a little concerned that I might bugger it up.

How easy is it to install?

Any advice?


  oglemire 17:15 10 Apr 2003

What problems are you haveing with the existing drive? if you are sure that the problem is with the device and nothing else then replaceing the unit is easy.. Achive Python 4106 uses SCSI Ultra Wide 160. You should start by ensuring comptablilty.

  sam1981 17:23 10 Apr 2003

Problem is that it simply isn't backing up or restoring.

I have run Seagate diagnostic and it passes it (most times anyway, sometimes comes back with excessive errors), but when I go to back up overnight using Veritas Backup Exec, it either doesn't load the tape and just ejects it, or gets to about 17 gigs and ejects it. Odd.

As I said before I've cleaned it loads of times and upgraded the firmware. I've also used load of different tapes including a brand new one.

And I've also tried native NT backup, but that either tells me that the tape drive is busy (despite me stopping the Veritas services) or that it cannot communicate with the drive because of a hardware failure.

Seems strange that it passes the read/write diagnostic, but won't work with anything else?!?

  oglemire 17:36 10 Apr 2003

Have you tried using new tapes? also cleaning tapes can usually only be used 50 times. Backup Exec monopolises the drive which means that you will have little chance getting Ntbackup to run whilst backup exec is installed. You may need to change the SCSI controller card or cable as this may be the cause.. if the chain is terminated at the device you could try putting a terminator block on the chain itself. Have any events been logged in the NT event log ? If both your DAT drives have the same capacity and your confident that it is the drive then swapping is easy. I have seen lots of instances with DAT drive problems and most of them are caused by something else. Good Luck.

  sam1981 17:48 10 Apr 2003

Have tried new tapes, yes.

I've seen this in event viewer and assume it's related:

"The driver detected a controller error on \Device\ScsiPort0."

When I stop all of the Backup Exec services it lets me run the diags, so I thought it would let me run NT backup.

I'll open up the spare server (it's not business critical) and see how easy it is to remove/install the drive so I have an idea for when I open the PDC.

  oglemire 20:44 10 Apr 2003

Open your PDC and look at the chain termination. It will most likely be a jumper on the tape drive or another device on the chain. I recomend that you remove the jumper and place a physical terminator on the chain or even better put the tape drive on a seperate controller if it already is not (same termination rule applies).

  sam1981 15:34 11 Apr 2003

I'll take a look inside out of office hours when I get the chance.


  sam1981 12:59 16 Apr 2003

After trying to disconnect and reconnect the cables, I have replaced the drive with the one from the other machine.

It still isn't working and I am gtting Event ID 9.

It seems to be a hardware failure, but...

1. The tape drive can't be at fault because I have replaced it with another that I know works fine.

2. It could be the cable, but the CD drive is also connected on the same cable and that works faultlessly!

Any ideas?

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