Replacing CMOS Bty - Fuji Amilo A1640

  Technotiger 08:30 25 Apr 2010

Hi All - I am visiting a friend up in Cheshire next week (I am on South Coast) and have promised to fit new CMOS battery. I don't have Service Manual, but am I correct in guessing that the circular 'porthole' with screw shown beneath it, on underside of laptop is the access point to CMOS battery? Also am I correct in saying CMOS Bty, CR 2032?

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  Taff™ 09:00 25 Apr 2010

No - That`s the Bass Loudspeaker. click here and you`ll find the basic manual with a little searching and the PDF manual labels it as such.

  Technotiger 09:06 25 Apr 2010

Many thanks - I thought that would be too easy to be true!!

So I will have to try and find a download for the Service Manual. Unfortunately, I have already tried the site you suggested, but without any joy.

Thanks again anyway.

  Taff™ 09:27 25 Apr 2010

I`ve had a good look for the Service Manual but no joy either. Will look back later for you.

  Technotiger 09:29 25 Apr 2010

Thanks again - afraid it looks as if I will have to go into the lappie blind-folded!

  Sea Urchin 11:49 25 Apr 2010

This seems to be a 66 page user manual for the A1640 - got it from Taff™'s link above. Can't post it as it reverts to the basic link

click here

  Sea Urchin 11:50 25 Apr 2010

Well - it did post OK. Is that the one you've seen? And maybe you need an actual service manual.

  Sea Urchin 12:01 25 Apr 2010

A couple of other possible links

click here

click here

  Technotiger 12:20 25 Apr 2010

Hi, many thanks for your efforts - yes, I have seen/tried those links, the first one looked promising but would not work? When I tried to navigate through that Fuji site (same one you did), each time I just ended up with a more or less blank page, although it said 'Done' at the bottom.

  Technotiger 12:30 25 Apr 2010

Not resolved, but having searched for hours and got nowhere, (I have searched on previous occasions for this same Service Manual, in vain) I will give this one the Green-tick.

Thanks my Friends for your efforts - I will keep looking anyway.

  Sea Urchin 12:31 25 Apr 2010

Yes, they all seem to be dead ends - I found another one which also looked promising, but the "user manual" turned out to be a ten line description of the laptop.

I've got the 66 page manual from the Fujitsu site, but it doesn't go into technical specs.

I seem to remember you were repairing a laptop a while back, and had initial problems finding the CMOS battery - they always seem to be well hidden in laptops - but I'm sure you'll be successful again this time in Cheshire.

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