Replacing BT Master Socket + ADSL extension line

  rastaman25 16:11 27 Jul 2010


A few days ago, I posted this thread, click here , but as the details have changed significantly, I have decided to mark that one as closed, and start a new thread in order to find answers to my current situation.

Currently, I have an old style BT main box, which I am planning to replace with the newer style NTE5 unit. click here (Yes, I have read, and understand the risks etc.)
The new NTE5 would then allow the use of a front plate adaptor: click here which would in turn allow a hardwired dedicated ADSL extension line to my upper floor.
This extension would make use of CAT5 wire, and run into a singular backing box set into the wall. This then would make use of a singular modular socket front plate.: click here
From here, I plan to connect to my Router. (This currently uses a double ended RJ11 connection into a standard microfilter, although the front plate adapter mentioned removes all need for microfilters.)
I have a few questions regarding this proposed setup:
A) What type of CAT5 wire should be used? I believe there is solid core and stranded options available?

B) Is there any advantage in using CAT6 wire?

C) Should the end socket of the ADSL extension line be either an RJ11 socket or an RJ45? I have read that using the RJ11 plugs in an RJ45 socket may damage them? – click here, the website recommends using RJ45, but I am unsure as to why?

D) Will I really need one of these? click here

E) Have I missed anything important or obvious?

Any advice at all is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for all who take the time and trouble to respond to this,
P.S. – BT Openreach want £127 minimum for this job. Local electricians would also charge a lot more than the job is actually worth, hence the reasoning for wanting to sort this properly myself.

  onthelimit 10:46 28 Jul 2010

A, Doesn't matter for hard wiring. Stranded is better for connection from PC to router etc.
B. No, not for the sort of speeds provided by ADSL
C. Best if the plugs match the sockets - as long as there are enough connectors and wired up correctly (!) it doesn't really matter.
D. Yes, they are best for inserting wires into the socket connectors.
E. Don't think so, except, as you mentioned, the inherent risks of fiddling with the BT side of things!

  Johnnymag 14:37 07 Aug 2010

Hi Rastaman,
I'm doing something similar - if you haven't already finished the job have a look at who specialize in this area and have some nice guides.
One point I got from there is that you really should use solid core cable especially if you're using punch down connections (the little scissor type insertions).
Also they confirm that if you have RJ45 sockets RJ11 plugs are designed to fit without damage apparently.
Hope it works amd you get an increase in your speed - my exchange cab supply 6.5Mb and I'm lucky to get 1.5 - hence the need for a clean ADSL line into the Hub.



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