Replacing an aging desktop

  skan 22:31 25 Nov 2006


I have a old desk top pentium 166 and it is now getting old.
Work provide me with a laptop sometime ago but will soon be not available anymore.
I am connected to Telewest Broadband.

My main porpose is to replace with a laptop since laptop are getting cheaper and take less space + mobility. The laptop also allow whop ever to use at different room when wireless set up complete. In future I hope to have the house wireless set up too.

I mainly use spreadsheet and words and some of the spreadsheet can be very big.
I use the computer for internet surfing and email.
My son is moving into the secondary school and school work is getting more demanding and computer access for him on the internet is also essential.
As he get more proficient, I do ot want to stop him venturing too in the internet world. Chat,Blog ?? downloading etc.

Q1) Can anymore recommend a laptop spec that is suitable for my porposes?
Q2) I am looking at budget but willing to consider option that allow future expansion etc.
Q3) Is a duo core or due core 2 a necessary
Q4) Intel is my prefer choice but what are the advantage of AMD?
Q5) Take me step by step since I am very much a user and knowledge on IT is limited.
Q6) I have only use window XP before.

Q7) What to watch out for and where best to get one for my porpose before my laptop had to return? Is ebay a good choice?


  Technotiger 22:47 25 Nov 2006

Hi, have a look here - an excellent firm.

click here

  skan 00:46 26 Nov 2006

HI Technotiger,

Thanks for the reply but what am I looking for?
Could you give me some advise & hinge as to what is what?



  Technotiger 09:00 26 Nov 2006

OK - in my link above, under Tayla 15.4" click on 'view this range' ... the laptop that then appears should do all that you ask of it.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:25 26 Nov 2006

Q1 spec is unimportant for what you need and do not listen to anyone that says it is. The one that Technotiger has linked to will do more than you will ever need. Failing that go to PCWorld and choose any for around £400.The Fujitsu V2055 at £379 is a good buy and you can buy it, take it home and have it up and running in less than 2 problems with delivery etc.
Q2 By the time you need to expand you will be on your 2nd laptop. Most expansion, if you ever need it, can be done by USB plug-ins.
Q3 it is not necessary so forget about all the hype.
Q4 for what you will need there is no difference at all between AMD, Pentium and Celeron. There is a lot of geeky waffle nonsense talked about processors.
Q5 It would appear so.
Q6 and you will still be using XP. There is no need to wait for Vista as it will make no difference to your needs.
Q7 I would not touch Ebay with a barge-pole for lappys. PCWorld is your best choice as you can go there and see the goods. Do not take the insurance cover or half price security suites (these are all available for free to home users). A polite 'no thanks' will be all that is needed. Do not buy the case from there or the surge protector...although I have never used one on a lappy. Most case shops or mail-order returns places do lappy cases for £12. Try and buy one with a 15.4 screen ones as they are easier on the eye.

If you decide to buy from PCW post back here for any advice.


  crosstrainer 09:32 26 Nov 2006

I have recently purchasd an acer aspire laptop, which will do all that you need... if you shop around you should be able to get the basic spec for around 499, you don't need the top end like mine with the tv tuner (I don't use it) just the basic 5100 with 64 bit Turion will do you nicely

  skan 09:50 26 Nov 2006

Hi Gandalf & Crosstrainer,

Thanks for the advise.
I will have a look at pcworld.

What acer aspire like in comparison to a dell latitude 601?

You mentioned the top end, what is top end and bottom end, can you give a bit of guide with reference to the ever moving technology, everyday there seems to be something new.
If possible give me a sort of guide spec as to the minimum for my needs.
Are this able or sufficient if my son at this age wants to download music or movie etc from the net? (I am just preparing for the inevitable)


  FatboySlim71 09:55 26 Nov 2006

I got a PC from here 10 months ago (they sell laptops as well), they are A1 quality IMO. I also have a lot of friends who have purchased from them and they all say the same that they are A1 quality, also any of my friends who have needed service from them say that "The service was spot on" Its always worth it when your buy your PC/laptop to get an onsite warranty, I got a 3 year onsite warranty parts and labour when I got my PC and I think it was around £25 which I thought was good value.

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:26 26 Nov 2006

ANY laptop will have sufficient spec for what you ned. If your son wants to download music and films (I'm sure that he will be paying for them) the spec of the computer is fairly irrelevant as long as it has 512Mb RAM. If he is downloading media the speed of your broadband connection will be more important.

ANY laptop that you buy today will last for years. Technology may be 'moving' but you do not need most of it. PCW seem cheaper but it is up to you.


  skan 19:44 26 Nov 2006

Thanks for all the info.

Just a matter of interest,
I was told that a Pentium 4 M is more suitable since I am using it more as a desktop. The centrino is good if I am using it away from the main as a full laptop on the move. The celeron is a little back dated. Is there any truth?
What are the equivalent in AMD for all the above?

Is Ram or chip speed more inportant for me?

Hope someone can help

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:47 26 Nov 2006

'Is Ram or chip speed more inportant for me?'...RAM, chip speed will be of no relevance unless you are mad keen into gaming. You will NOT notice the difference between Celeron, AMD and Pentium.


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